Are You Guilty of These Skin Harming Habits?

The skin is our body’s largest organ and everyday it is constantly subjected to a good bout of beating from environmental factors, as well as bad habits and bad skin care practices. If you want to take care of your skin better, here are some of the habits that you should stop doing.

Habits That Harm the Skin

  • Over Tanning
    It has been said that Coco Chanel was the person who made tanned skinned a great hit. You can not deny that having a golden brown skin is very attractive. But over tanning actually gives your skin quite a beating. The sun’s UV rays damage the cells and tissues of the skin causing it to age prematurely. With all of the warnings given by dermatologists and medical experts of avoiding too much time under the sun, you should already be heeding their advice. Overexposure to the sun can lead to early skin aging and even skin cancer. Always lather on a good amount of sunscreen lotion every day to keep your skin protected from the damaging effects of the sun.
  • Smoking
    Cigarettes are bad for our health. This warning is even written on cigarette packets or cartons. Smoking cigarettes increases your risk of developing various diseases including lung cancer, emphysema, cardiovascular diseases and even stroke. Add another side effect of smoking which is wrinkles. The negative effects of smoking on the skin is just like that of the sun’s UV rays. The only difference is that smoking affects the skin from the inside. The chemicals in cigarettes such as nicotine constricts blood vessels therefore decreasing blood flow to the skin, depriving it of essential nutrients. An unhealthy skin will start looking wrinkly and dry.
  • Using the Wrong Skin Care Products
    Are harsh soaps included in your skin care regimen? If your answer here is yes then you better start throwing them out especially if you have a sensitive skin. Go for mild cleansers instead. If you have an acne-prone skin, choose an oil free cleanser. For people with dry skin, a potent moisturizer without harsh chemicals should be in their skin care arsenal. An excellent choice in natural moisturizers is Argan oil. The oil is packed with nutrients having potent moisturizing prowess such as Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and Sterols. Organic skin care products are also ideal to use since these products are free from toxic ingredients that are usually found in chemically formulated and popular skin products. Numerous researches have found out that most of the toxic ingredients found in beauty products cause serious illnesses including various types of cancer.

Stop doing these skin harming habits to ensure that you wear nothing but a healthy skin.

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