Are You Making These 5 Hair Care Mistakes?

Are you making these hair care mistakes?

Hair Care Mistakes That Damage Your Locks

1. Towel drying the hair intensely (Tweet this)

Many of us are guilty of rubbing the hair with a towel to dry it. This is a mistake and you should stop doing it. When you rub your hair intensely with a towel the hair cuticles are roughened which causes dull hair, frizz, and breakage. You should only blot hair with a towel and use your fingers to shake the strands out. This may take a longer time for your hair to dry out but you’ll be rewarded with healthier and more beautiful hair.

2. Skipping heat protection (Tweet this)

Heat is very damaging to the hair. If you are fond of blow drying, curling, or flattening your hair, you should always use a hair product that protects your hair from the heat. The Argan oil is a great product to use as it helps shield the strands from the damaging heat and keep the cuticles smooth. Before using any hot styling tools, let your hair air dry first. Shaking the strands with your fingers also help dry your hair faster. Remember to have the styling tool on warm setting and not hot.

3. Styling wet hair with hot tools (Tweet this)

Hair is most vulnerable to damage when wet. A curling or flat iron can burn the follicles of wet hair which can lead to weak and broken strands. Make sure that your hair is completely dry before using any hot styling tools on it.

4. Using hairspray before styling (Tweet this)

Do you love spritzing on hairspray on your tresses before styling? If you do, you probably have noticed or heard that sizzling sound when you curl or straighten your hair with your hot iron. Why is there that sizzling sound? Hairsprays contain alcohol and the alcohol in hairspray burn as soon as heat is applied which of course is bad news for your hair. To protect your hair from getting damaged, use hairspray after curling or ironing.

5. Too much teasing (Tweet this)

We love adding more volume to the hair to get that va-va-voom look. So we back comb the hair toward the root to get that extra volume. It’s great if you do this hair trick occasionally but if you do it on a regular basis, that’s a different story. Regular teasing damages the hair cuticles making you prone to hair breakage.

If you want to keep wearing your beautiful hair, see to it that you avoid making these hair care mistakes!

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