Are You Shedding More Hair than the Normal?

Hair Loss Is Triggered Mostly By Stress

Keep your full tresses where they belong before it’s too late to save them. While most individuals tend to spend a chuck load of their resources on preventing wrinkles, few realise that they should be investing just as much of their efforts into keeping hair healthy. This is especially true for men with male pattern baldness, although women are not exempt from developing bald patches either.

So what causes hair loss? The factors at play are many and varied.

Hair products

Okay, we know you mean well. You wash your hair, but that’s not all most people do these days. Often, you subject your strands to countless hair products without thinking of the chemical repercussions on the hair’s biological makeup. This is especially true of women, who are constantly applying products to hair, and visiting the salon for styling sessions. Moderation is often key when it comes to hair products. Even the mechanical motion of running a comb through hair can be damaging if done improperly.


This is one less factor to worry about for the men. Pregnancy releases a large combination of hormones that affect hair follicles. The sharp decrease in estrogen levels is usually the cause of this, but just like pregnancy, the hair loss is temporary, and women regain healthy hair strands quickly after childbirth.

Stress and illness

It’s true what they say about stress: it can make you pull your hair out, or your body could do it for you. Men with high-pressure jobs are more prone to developing baldness than individuals with less stress. Hair loss can also be an indicator for a more serious underlying disease, such as a protein deficit, among others.

Genetics and age

Male pattern baldness is a hereditary condition. Age is also a common factor, and the year at which you start losing hair may also be determined by genetics.


It’s normal to find a couple of hair strands on your pillow after waking up, or on the bathroom floor after a shower. As a matter of fact, humans lose 50 to 100 hair strands every day, and this is the average statistic we safely and normally get for daily hair fall. When you start losing your hair in clumps, or when bald spots and patches start appearing on your head, that’s sufficient cause to worry.

Use Argan oil to keep your follicles well-nourished and healthy. Also ease up on the constant onslaught of hair products, and learn how to comb through strands properly. Argan oil, on the other hand, is completely natural and contains several nutrients, such as vitamin E, and is rich in antioxidants—all of which will do your hair a world of good.