Are Your Arms Getting Saggy?

Sagging Arms Is A Sign Of Sedentary Life

At one point in your life, you might notice that you’ve gotten a bit…saggy in some places. In this context, the upper arms are often a problematic body part, mostly because they are common areas of fat deposit. In fact, for most people, they’re right up there on the list with the thighs and abdomen. The trick to retaining the youthful appearance of soft, supple arms is improving muscle tone. How do you do that? Here are some tips.

Get protection from UV rays

Start with the condition of your arm’s skin. Does it have any dark spots? Are you well-protected from the sun? Boost your protection levels by regularly applying broad-spectrum sunscreen, preferably SPF 30. This is especially important when you’re fond of wearing short-sleeved or sleeveless tops especially on sunny days. Remember that UV rays break down collagen which can lead not just to lines but also sagging. A firming lotion is also highly recommended.

Apply Moroccan Argan Oil daily.

See to it that at night you feed the skin with Vitamin E as this nutrient aids in the process of repairing damaged skin cells and replacing them with healthier ones. The Moroccan Argan oil is loaded with Vitamin E and other nutrients with anti-aging properties such as essential fatty acids, Carotenoids, Ferulic acid and Polyphenols. The oil is also loaded with Sterols which are known to help and improve the skin’s metabolic processes.

Invest in the right makeup

You’re going to need two body bronzers, one having a shade lighter than your skin tone, and the other in medium tone. To make this work, the bronzers should reflect light toward the most toned part of your arm, another classic use of makeup; enhancing what you already have. Apply the medium shade over the whole of your arm, and then apply the lighter shade from the shoulder to wrist, down the top of your arms. There are several manufacturers that sell bronzers of all shades nowadays, so finding one that fits your skin tone perfectly should be a breeze.


Make up can only take you so far but exercise can take you further. To get younger and toned arms, you’re going to need to sweat things out. The exercise is simple, and it focuses mostly on the triceps, the part of your arms that tends to get saggy the most. Clasp your hands firmly in front of your chest, just under your chin. Inhale deeply, and as you do so, bring your elbows to an angle of 90-degree so that they are parallel to the floor. Exhale, and then push your palms against each other. Don’t be conservative in your push, push as hard as you can. Keep the tension going for five seconds, and then relax. Repeat the exercise fifteen times. You can do this once a day daily, and it’ll make a considerable amount of difference.


Keep your body healthy and the rest will follow. See to it that you’re feeding your body right. Skip on foods that contain high-carb content and go for lean meat, as well as fruits and vegetables.

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