Argan and Nails: Great Tips for Strong and Healthy Nails

Nails make life and chores a lot easier. You don’t notice it? Try stepping backward and looking at how many times your nails play a vital role in different activities in your life. Quite a lot. From helping you type, helping you hold a pen, helping you open a zipper, helping you scratch an itch – these are just the basics.

The whole day would give you a long list of how your nails keep your work load a lot easier. So this brings me to why you should keep your nails healthy and strong. Because in the end, healthy and strong nails will help you in your daily living.

Follow these tips and have better nails for your fingers and toes!

Keep Nails Hydrated

Keeping nails hydrated is easier than you think. Application of Argan oil into your cuticle and the skin surrounding your nails will do the trick. Rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, this Moroccan oil will help keep your nails strong, hydrated, shiny, clear, and healthy. Aside from this oil, you may also use petroleum jelly or castor oil.

Use Rubber Gloves

Using rubber gloves to protect your nails is probably one of the most important nail secrets. Use a pair of rubber gloves when washing dishes, scrubbing the floor, cleaning the bathroom, gardening, bathing the dog – this will help protect your nails from murderous activities. To further help your nails you may also opt to apply a hand cream before wearing the rubber gloves.

Dry the Nails, Hands and Feet

Take time to dry your nails, hands, and feet thoroughly. After taking a shower, swimming, washing the dishes, or after doing any activity that keeps these body parts wet, make sure to dry them well. Damp nails will help introduce fungal and bacterial infection to your nails. Keeping them dry will help prevent getting infections.

Air Out Your Shoes

Boots and work shoes should be aired out after each use. This way you are also preventing dampness and therefore preventing fungal infections not just on your the nails but also on your feet.

Use Cotton Socks

Similar to keeping nails dry and shoes aired out, using 100% cotton socks will also help absorb dampness and will also prevent fungal infections.

Give Your Nails  a Massage

Massaging nails, adding a few drops of Argan oil while doing so will help stimulate the blood in your fingers and toes which in turn makes nails healthier. Nails will become stronger and shinier with this little trick. Massaging will also help stimulate the nails to grow.

Trim Your Nails Regularly

Short nails are less prone to breaking. Trim your nails regularly to keep them strong and healthy. Trim your toe nails straight across to prevent ingrown. When filing your nails, file in one direction and avoid the back and forth motion. Avoid filing after taking a bath as wet nails break more easily.

These simple tips will surely help you achieve a better looking and stronger set of nails on your fingers and toes.

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