Natural Solutions for Age-Spot Treatment

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Have you noticed women developing dark spots on their skin? Do you know if it’s age spots or some other issue?

Age spots can appear on a woman’s skin, mostly from the age of 40 years and up. They might be large or small blemishes, but they’re generally harmless.

In this article, you’ll learn everything there is to know about age spots. Start out with a look at its scientific definition.

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What are Age Spots?

Age spots are darkened blemishes on the skin that are the result of sunlight exposure over the years. The term may sound serious, but they’re completely harmless to a woman’s health.

These blemishes are also referred to as liver spots. Currently, doctors understand that the spots have no relationship to the liver, although there was once a myth that connected the two together.

Do you want to know what age spots look like? Educate yourself about this distinct blemish right now.

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What do Age Spots Look Like?

An age spot has these characteristics, including:

  • Roughly oval shaped
  • Single or grouped together
  • Up to several inches in diameter

Are There Different Colors?

It’s a fact that age spots can appear in different colors, ranging from light brown to black. A single blemish, however, will always have a uniform color.

Are Age Spots Raised?

Age spots are considered to be a flat blemish. It shouldn’t feel like acne, for example.

Do you know where age spots occur on a frequent basis? Dive even deeper into this subject as age spots lose their mystery.

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Where do Age Spots Occur?

Generally, age spots frequently occur where skin is most exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The body parts that are vulnerable to age spots are listed below.


Age spots on the face will usually appear as women grow older than age 40. Younger women might be susceptible if they tend to go out in the sunlight without sunscreen or tan their bodies on a frequent basis.


Liver spots on the hands are probably the most common blemishes to arise in women’s later years. Vulnerable women tend to have light-colored skin, which will develop blemishes because of its sensitivity levels to sunlight.


Large blotches might develop as age spots on the legs as a result of sun exposure through middle age.


Age spots on the arms will arise over time as sunlight continually strikes these areas.


The upper chest area is vulnerable to the sun’s effects. It’s often overlooked as an area to cover with sunscreen.

Age spots on the chest don’t often appear in the lower regions because of blouse or t-shirt coverage.

It may seem like age spots appear practically overnight. Is this perception true?

Read on to see if age spots appear suddenly.

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Do Age Spots Appear Suddenly?

Age spots can appear suddenly or grow over time. The blemishes that do appear suddenly might be triggered by certain scenarios, such as:

  • Light therapy for skin ailments
  • Reactions to cancer-radiation treatment
  • Severe sunburns

If women haven’t been part of these situations, age spots tend to grow over many years. They simply arise after the skin’s been exposed to UV light every day for decades.

For the most part, age spots are just benign blemishes. Are you wondering if they’re harmful too?

Get to know more facts about liver spots so that women can take charge of their skin health.

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Are Age Spots Harmful?

Age spots are not harmful. They’re simply an area of skin with extra melanin or pigment.

They aren’t prone to change where skin cancer is an issue either. However, age spots can be mislabeled as benign pigmentation when they’re really cancerous growths.

Women should know the basic characteristics of age spots for clarification purposes, including:

  • Flat appearance
  • Uniform color

Spotting melanoma or skin cancer takes some attention to detail. Women should have their skin checked by a doctor if these features arise, such as:

  • Asymmetrical and dark-colored “mole” appears
  • Blemishes changes shape over a short period of time
  • Multiple colors within one blemish

By being able to identify age spots versus skin cancer, women can prioritize their health. Any suspicious blemishes should always be examined as quickly as possible.

Would you like to know the main causes of age spots? There are a few details that might surprise women today.

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What are the Causes of Age Spots?

There are only a few main causes of age spots that are outlined below.


The primary cause for most women’s age spots is sunlight exposure. Light-colored skin is more susceptible to spots as well.

As the sun strikes the skin, the body produces melanin to protect it from damage. This darkening pigment will sometimes concentrate in one area, which leads to age spots.


Although most women over 40 years of age aren’t currently pregnant, they may have given birth in their younger years. Pregnancy hormones can trigger overreactions when it comes to pigmentation.

Age spots might occur when a women is pregnant in her 20s or 40s. It all depends on genetics and hormonal balances.

Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are essentially hormone therapy, which impacts the skin in different ways. Age spots might be a side effect of the pill’s use.

Skin Cancer

Although it’s rare, hyperpigmentation might arise from cancerous diagnoses. Age spots might be mistaken as cancer and vice versa.

Any unusual blemishes should encourage women to seek out the assistance of their dermatologist.

Tanning Beds

Tanning beds are supposed to accelerate the pigmentation process; women want uniform tans on their skin. However, treating the skin in this manner can lead to age spots.

The skin becomes even more irritated with tanning beds as opposed to the average sunny day. Extra age spots might arise with regular tanning bed use.

Women who’re dealing with age spots may want to take charge of their skin by removing the blemishes. Can women get rid of liver spots?

Learn all about the best practices for age-spot control.

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How to Get Rid of Age Spots

It is possible to remove age spots. Can you get rid of age spots in a rapid manner, however?

Generally, at-home treatments will take some time to fade the liver spots. Expect the treatments to take several weeks for darkened age spots.

Professionally applied treatments can accelerate the process, although every option has its variations.

Take a look at the various options available for women today. Age spots can be faded with several treatment types.

OTC Products


This product is a bleaching cream that works over the months. It effectively fades age spots.

Mild Steroids

A prescription steroid in cream form can possibly fade age spots too.


These creams are known to calm the pigmentation process while encouraging skin-cell growth. Faded age spots are the result of this product choice, such as with the ingredient tretinoin.

Medical Treatments

Laser Treatments

A relatively rapid way to treat age spots is by requesting laser treatments from a dermatologist. When applied over several appointments, the lasers break down the melanin-producing cells for a uniform color across the skin.


This professional treatment is essentially a sanding technique applied to the skin. After several treatments, the entire face has a glow with new skin cells and faded age spots.

Chemical Peels

Acid applied to the skin by a dermatologist will fade the age spots and leave the entire face with a glowing complexion.


Applying a freezing method to the age spots is an option. Several treatments will fade the blemishes.

How to Get Rid of Age Spots With Hydrogen Peroxide

Don’t overlook the power of hydrogen peroxide. It’s a chemical option that can be effective on age spots.

Use a cotton pad or ball dipped in hydrogen peroxide. Make sure it’s not dripping or overly saturated.

Dab it onto the age spots. Allow it to react and evaporate in place.

Try this removal method over several days to see the age spots fade in color. It might take a few weeks to see significant results.

All of these options are based on man-made products. Some women might be looking for more natural treatments, however.

Discover the natural ingredients that can ward off those age spots. Nature has unique properties hidden in specific plants.

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How to Remove Age Spots Naturally

These natural solutions can have some positive reactions on the skin, such as:

Frankincense Oil for Age Spots

This oil is known for its efficacy on uniform skin tone and anti-inflammatory properties, which both fight off age spots.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Age Spots

The alpha hydroxy acids found in ACV are known to lighten the skin along with age spots.

Lemon Juice for Age Spots

Citric acid within lemon juice can diminish age spots.


Vitamins and antioxidants hidden within the cucumber can fight off age spots too.

Castor Oil

The nutrients within castor oil can calm melanin production while lightening any visible age spots.


Use the lactic acid within yogurt to encourage skin-cell turnover and minimize age spots.

Argan Oil

Use argan oil as both a treatment and prevention measure. Recent studies suggest that this oil diminishes enzyme activity associated with melanin, which is the pigmentation that causes age spots.

It’s also an anti-inflammatory solution for age-spot prevention. Apply argan oil onto the skin to reduce the appearance of blemishes that will ultimately cause age spots down the road.

Are you excited to try argan oil in a DIY recipe? Consider the steps below that will help women fight off skin blemishes.

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DIY Recipe for Age Spots Using Argan Oil

Mix together these oils so that women can have an age-spot solution from nature.

DIY Recipe

Combine these oils together, including:

  • Geranium oil – 1 ml
  • Carrot seed oil – ml
  • Rose oil – 1 ml
  • Lemon oil – 1 ml
  • Frankincense oil – 5 ml
  • Argan oil – 60 mlMinimize age spots with natural ingredients today!

Perform a sensitivity test on a small area of skin. Dab a drop of the oil mixture onto the skin.

Allow the oil to saturate the tissue. Observe your reaction.

If women don’t notice any negative reactions, follow up the test by dabbing the oil onto every age spot. Performing this action each day can diminish the marks.

Any negative reactions can be counteracted with plain yogurt. Dab a small amount of yogurt onto the irritated test area.

The yogurt’s ingredients can calm the irritation.

Fighting off age spots may have its challenges. Would you like to know how to cover them with makeup?

Discover the makeup tricks that make the age spots disappear.

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How to Cover Age Spots With Make-up?

Try these tips for covering up age spots with makeup, including:

a. Apply SkinCeuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector to your clean complexion along with a facial moisturizer that includes sunscreen.

b. Carefully apply a makeup primer to the skin for an even appearance.

c. Use your ring finger to dab on peach-colored concealer, such as MAC Studio Finish Skin Corrector. The dabbing action blends the concealer into the age spot for a flawless look.

d. Add a shimmerless foundation to the face as a finishing touch. The complexion should have a uniform appearance now.

Remember that skin tones and age spots will have some varying colors based on a woman’s heritage. Experiment with different concealer colors if the peach hue doesn’t work for a certain complexion.

Covering up the age spots is a common strategy, but women want to know how to prevent them too. Learn all about prevention techniques right now.

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How to Prevent Age Spots

The best way to deal with age spots is avoiding them altogether. Familiarize yourself with these prevention tips.

  • Avoid the sun by staying indoors during the peak hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  • Wear a hat with a large brim when you must be outdoors
  • Apply sunscreen to the skin even if it’s cloudy outside
  • Remember sunscreen for the lips too
  • Exfoliate the skin at least once a week
  • Moisturize with argan oil
  • Try a facial mask that targets any skin conditions every week
  • Visit the dermatologist on a regular basis

Tips on avoiding age spots should be mixed in with treatment options. Although women may be diligent about caring for the skin, some blemishes are difficult to avoid.

Refer to this article whenever you need a primer on age-spot care. Taking care of your skin is a daily task that should be prioritized.


There are several details that should stand out in this article about age spots. Check this infographic!

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With knowledge of age spots in mind, women can minimize their appearance over the years. Blemish-free skin can glow once again with diligent beauty routines.

Do you have an interesting story to tell about age spots? Have you successfully treated them before?

Share your experiences with the readers by adding your thoughts to the comment section below. Fighting age spots is a team effort.