Argan Oil and Tips On Pampering Your Hands and Feet

Let Argan oil give your hands and feet the loving they deserve! When was the last time you gave your hands and feet a good pampering? Has it been ages ago? Well, you better start pampering them as these body parts are what we often use everyday. We may not take notice but it’s almost every minute that we use our hands and feet. With all that abuse they’ve been getting, definitely they deserve some loving!

So how should you go about pampering your hands and feet? Here are some suggestions!

Pampering Your Hands and Feet

Let us start off with the hands!

For Your Hands

With all that use and abuse, your hands deserve a good pampering. Being exposed to all kinds of microbes and touching all sorts of surfaces and harsh chemicals the skin in your hands can really get battered. Give your hands a good dose of moisturiser everyday! A potent moisturiser is the Moroccan Argan oil! The essential fatty acids, Vitamin E, Sterols and Squalene will help keep your hands moisturised.

Wear Rubber
We are talking about a pair of rubber gloves for your hands. You should also look into protecting your hands. Wear rubber gloves whenever in contact with harsh chemicals as these chemicals can dry out the skin. Too much time being soaked in water also rubs the skin of its moisture. Dry skin is prone to irritation which is why you should wear protection. So whenever doing the dishes or your laundry see to it that your hands have protection.

Be Careful When Using Hand Tools
If your work or your hobby involves tools such as a hammer take extra precaution. You may also want to wear protection gloves, those with paddings so you don’t hammer away your hands.

A Handsoak and a Mani
Once in awhile, let your hands soak in aromatherapy oils with a few drops of lemon for that soothing relief. Give your nails a manicure for that really pampered feeling. You don’t need to apply nail polish if you don’t want to. Just trim your nails, clean them and keep them moisturised.

For Your Feet

A Footsoak
A soothing footsoak should be done at least twice a week to reduce swelling, aches and pains. You can easily make your own soothing footsoak with aromatherapy oils such as the Moroccan oil and a few drops of lemon. After soaking your feet, exfoliate and scrub away dead skin cells that have piled up especially on the heels and the balls of the feet.

A Pedicure
Trim your nails and keep them clean. Your toenails can also use some good moisturising from the Moroccan oil.

Keep Them Dry
See to it that your feet are dry. Moisture attracts bacteria and fungi so before putting on any footwear, see to it that you’ve wiped dry your feet.

The Right Footwear Size
Your shoes should not constrict your feet. Neither should your pair be too loose. See to it that you have the right size on and that you’re wearing the right kind of shoewear for the activity you would be doing!

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