The Many Uses of Argan Oil for Your Hair

If you take a look at your hair care kit, you probably have a lot of products. You have a bottle of your favorite shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, hair styling agent, and a lot more. It’s possible that your kit is overflowing with hair products. But don’t worry many of us are guilty of this. We all know just how much we don’t want having a bad hair day. And these hair care products we have in our kit are meant to ensure that we don’t have such a day.

Argan Oil: A Multi-Purpose Beauty Product

You have probably heard of Argan oil. And you probably are aware that many people refer to this multi-purpose beauty product as “liquid gold”. Argan oil has been capturing the hearts of many women across the globe including some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood such as Salma Hayek, Eva Mendez, and Charlize Theron. The oil can be used on the skin, nails, and on the hair.

How Argan Oil Benefits the Hair

So how does Argan oil benefit the hair? The oil contains a high amount of tocopherols or Vitamin E, which has potent moisturizing properties. Gamma tocopherol, a major form of Vitamin E makes up 75% of the total tocopherols found in the oil. According to research studies, gamma tocopherol, could play a major role in protecting cell damage from free radicals. The oil also contains other nutrients with moisturizing properties such as essential fatty acids, sterols and polyphenols that can help keep locks well hydrated and well-conditioned.

How to Use Argan Oil for the Hair

You can use Argan oil on your hair in many ways.
  • Argan Oil as a Deep Conditioner To use the oil as a deep conditioner, simply wet your hair and massage in the oil on your scalp and through your hair strands. Once done, wrap your hair with a warm towel and leave it overnight. If you don’t have much time, let the oil soak on your hair for about 20 minutes and then shampoo as usual. You can also use it as a regular conditioner while in the shower.
  • Argan Oil as a Leave-in Conditioner Argan oil is also an excellent leave-in conditioner. You might think that since this is oil, it will make your hair all greasy and clumpy. But you are absolutely mistaken. Argan oil is easily absorbed and won’t make your hair greasy at all. It does not even leave any greasy residue. Simply apply a few drops of the oil on damp hair with your fingers and you’re all set. Make sure that you massage the oil on your scalp and finger-comb from roots to tips to promote healthy hair growth and repair split ends.
  • Argan Oil as a Styling Agent Don’t have much time to style your hair? Argan oil is a great solution. The oil will add gloss to your hair and tame frizz in an instant. Simply rub a few drops of the oil on your palms and then fingercomb through dry hair. You now can style your hair very easily as the oil helps make hair more manageable.
It’s great to have the Argan oil in your hair care kit!