Argan Oil Cares for Your Skin, Hair and Nails during Winter Season

Most women have a love and hate relationship with the cold weather. Well the good points of the winter season are:

  1. You can start looking sexy with your boots and your leather coats.
  2. You have an excuse to snuggle all the time and sleep longer hours.
  3. Hot drinks and roasted marshmallows.
  4. Not worry about flies and mosquitoes.
  5. The possibility of work often getting cancelled due to a snowy day.
  6. Having fun in the snow. (Snow ball fights and sledding)

Of course the winter season also has downsides. But the only reason why many women dread the winter is because this is the season for dry skin, frizzy hair, rough palms and hands and unimpressive cuticles. The winter season can certainly be a nightmare to deal with. But with a few skin nail and hair care tips you certainly can come out victorious and ever beautiful during the cold season.

Skin Care for the Winter Season

  1. It is best to use cleansing milk to wash away dirt and dust clogging your pores during the winter season.
  2. Use Argan oil as a skin moisturiser. It is advisable though to skip moisturising if you are going out as the moisturiser will only trap more dust and dirt. You should moisturise after you have had your warm bath before going to bed. You can also use this oil from Morocco on your warm bath. Just a spoonful of this oil and your skin will be invigorated. If you have dry skin, give your skin a massage with this oil before taking your warm bath. Be sure to limit your bath to 15 minutes.
  3. Since the skin tends to be very sensitive during the winter season you should not use too much make up. Make up or cosmetic products can irritate the skin further and cause pimple breakouts. Don’t hide the beauty of your skin underneath your make up.
  4. Don’t forget to wash your face twice a day, before going to bed and after waking up. Warm water will be best to use in washing your face. Use a mild cleanser for your face and never use soap as the ingredients of soap will just rob your skin its natural oils leaving your skin dry.
  5. Avoid drinking alcohol. Although drinking alcoholic drink may be very inviting because of the cold weather you should stop drinking alcoholic beverages if you want your skin to be healthy. Alcohol dehydrates the skin leaving you with dry skin.
  6. Stop smoking. Smoking destroys collagen and constricts the blood vessels which results to development of wrinkles and rough skin texture.

Nail Care for the Winter Season

Nails also get a good battering during the cold season. Nails can easily chip and become brittle because of the cold weather. Apply Argan oil on your nails. This oil helps condition and moisturise the nails. This oil has Vitamin E which strengthens your nails.

Hair Care for the Winter Season

Use also the oil from Morocco as your conditioner. Remember to not take hot showers or hot baths but instead have quick warm showers or baths to not dry out your skin.

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