Argan Oil Components to Help You with Your Skin Care

Argan Oil Is Appreciated In The Cosmetic Industry

Argan oil… what is it and why the hype? Everyone seems to have been drawn to this oil that a few years ago was only heard of in certain parts of the world. Now, argan oil and its popularity have increased and people are clamoring to get a hold of this oil. Just what is it and why is it so popular? Read on and find out what this oil is, where it is from, and what components it has that help with daily skin care.


Argan oil is known as the liquid gold of Morocco. Known for its many nutritional and cosmetic benefits, this oil is said to be one of the highest and best quality. It is hard to get and prized by many – like gold. Culinary experts value it for its unique taste and exceptionally high nutritional values while cosmetic experts swear by the benefits this oil gives to its users. Rich in vitamins and nutrients, argan oil is said to be beneficial to hair, nails, and most especially to skin.


Only found in the Southwestern part of Morocco, argan oil is extracted from the fruits of the Argan tree. This tree which is able to live in the worst of temperatures and in arid land, also helps prevent soil erosion in the area. Native Moroccan women are tasked to gather the nuts of the tree. They open each one up to get kernels inside it, and then start with the intense manual labor of extracting the oil. The process of getting the oil will take about 20 hours as each nut is opened with the use of hands and rocks and then oil is laboriously extracted manually as well.


  • Argan oil is rich in Vitamin E. This is an essential nutrient that helps skin retain moisture thereby keeping skin smooth and soft. Vitamin E also allows for natural oils and nutrients of the skin to be trapped, making it easier and more effective for them to hydrate our body.
  • Argan oil is also rich in essential fatty acids which help in bringing optimum skin health and for reducing signs of aging.
  • Some of the key fatty acid compounds found in argan oil are:
    Fatty Acids 99% (Major constituents)
    Oleic (Omega 9) 45.3-46.9 – helps the cells to perform their vital functions
    Linoleic (Omega 6) 31.6-35.0 – helps to preserve cell integrity, helps stimulates the contractions of blood vessels reducing inflammation, associated with reducing signs of eczema, psoriasis, and helps with clearing acne and rosacea
    Palmitic 12-13.9
    Stearic 5.5-5.7
    Linolenic 0.2
    Arachidonic 0.4

Using argan oil for daily skin care will assure you of a clearer, smoother, healthier skin. With all of the benefits attached to argan oil, it isn’t a wonder why more and more people are clamoring to get a hold of it. Daily application of this liquid gold from Morocco will surely keep skin healthy, oxygenated, and wrinkle-free!

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