Normalize Sebum Production With Argan Oil!

Understand How Acne Works
When you are researching about acne and its prevention, you most often than not come across the word sebum. Sebum protects the skin. Sebum protects the hair. Sebum makes the skin and hair oily. Sebum causes acne. It becomes confusing at times. Is sebum a good thing or a bad thing? If sebum is needed in the body, how come it causes unwanted skin problems such as acne? GOOD SEBUM Sebum does a lot of good to our bodies. When made in the right amounts, sebum may give the following benefits:
  • Makes the skin and hair waterproof.
  • Keeps the hair and skin moisturized.
  • Protects skin from bacterial infection.
BAD SEBUM Sebum is secreted by the sebaceous glands in the skin. When the sebaceous glands go into overdrive, sebum is produced excessively. This is when sebum becomes a problem. Sebum being a type of oil, when over produced causes several problems such as:
  • Oily skin
  • Oily hair
  • Odors
  • Acne
  • Sebaceous hyperplasia – enlargement of the sebaceous glands


Why do some have an increased sebum production in the body while others’ just stay normal? Who are more inclined to have an over production of sebum in their bodies? Sebum production increases because of hormonal changes in the body. Who are more prone to sebum over production? Here are some answers:
  • Puberty – there are more sebum production during puberty as hormones during this stage are also increased. Sebum production decreases though with age in both men and women .
  • After menopause – in women, menopause causes hormonal imbalances, allowing for a possible increase in sebum production. Adult females though (those not yet in menopausal stage) produce less sebum than male adults.


Sebum is one of the best culprits for acne. As sebum production increases, acne outbreaks take place. That is the reason why most teenagers get acne during puberty. Reducing sebum production will help prevent acne formation. There are a lot of medicines that help control the production of sebum in the body.


Argan oil works wonders for the prevention, lessening, and treatment of acne. To be specific, here are just some of the benefits of argan oil:
  • Argan oil controls the release of sebum in the body. Argan acts as a neutralizer, so when the sebaceous glands start to over produce sebum oils, argan stops and prevents this from happening.
  • Argan oil has disinfectant characteristics that help with acne infected skin. Agan lessens redness brought about by acne. In the same manner, argan disinfects skin, cleaning it and avoiding further infection to occur.
  • Argan oil keeps skin feeling healthy. For people with oily skin, regular application of argan oil will help reduce the oiliness. Argan oil can remove the greasy feeling and help you look and feel good about yourself.
In conclusion, sebum is both a good and bad substance for the body. Keeping it at a natural and safe level will do our bodies a lot of good. It is important then to always make sure to have a normal sebum production. Argan oil can assure this.

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