Will Argan Oil Benefit All Hair Types?

When you go online and research on hair care, you most definitely would run into an article discussing the Argan oil and its benefits to the hair. The oil is actually beneficial not only to the hair but also to the skin and nails. The beauty industry is calling this oil a miracle oil because of its wonderful benefits. Are these praises true? Should you buy what people have been saying about the oil’s benefits especially its hair benefits? Or is the oil over glorified? Let us get to know the Moroccan Argan oil better. Thousands of years ago, the potent power of this oil has been known to the Berber tribe. The Berber tribe are native to the continent of South Africa. The Berber women have been extracting the oil of the Argan nut seeds (which now we know as Argan oil) for many centuries. To the Berber tribe, the oil is golden as it served many purposes. The extracted oil of the Argan nut seeds is used for culinary, medicinal and cosmetic purposes. As the oil became known to the modern world, many studies were conducted on the oil and its components. It is the components of the oil that makes it powerful. The oil is loaded with Vitamin E, unsaturated essential fatty acids and numerous natural antioxidants which greatly benefit the skin, hair, nails, heart, brain and our overall health.

Moroccan Argan Oil for All Hair Types

Today, many people are swearing by the potent power of this precious oil often referred to as the liquid gold of Morocco. Hair experts are calling the oil as one of the best treating agents for damaged hair. Since the oil has potent moisturising properties, dry hair becomes moisturised and naturally hydrated when regularly used. Dry hair can also be caused by overstyling and the elements. The oil protects the hair from these damaging factors and also repairs, restores and renews damaged hair. Some of us have oily hair and most probably people with already oily hair would be reluctant to use this precious oil from Morocco. Why would you add oil to hair that is already too oily? Well, the Argan oil is actually non greasy. It will not make your hair any oilier. In fact the opposite can be true. Oily hair is caused by the overproduction of sebum by the sebaceous glands. The great thing about this oil is that it regulates sebum production, returning it at a manageable level.

Other Hair Benefits of the Moroccan Argan Oil

  • The oil prevents and controls the roughness of hair.
  • It improves hair elasticity and improves hair growth.
  • The oil is effective in making hair smooth and manageable.
  • Hair is strengthened with regular use of this oil as it repairs damaged cellular membrane of the hair.
  • The oil effectively locks in moisture therefore adding lustre and shine to the hair.
  • It also cures brittle hair and adds life to colour-treated hair.
  • Split ends are healed with regular use of the oil as its unsaturated essential fatty acids strengthen the protein bonding structures in hair.

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