Argan Oil for Beautiful Skin, Hair and Nails

What are the two things that most women are concerned about? If you say shoes and clothes, think of the other two things that most women spend for. If you say bags and jewellery then think of the other two things besides the four things you have already thought about. Most women of course know that the two things that we are most concerned about are (Men pay attention!) skin and hair.

Admittedly most of us women have different lotions, creams and other cosmetic products to maintain the health and beauty of our hair and skin. We have beauty regimen for day time and night time. Beauty is something that we want to maintain not just because we want to look attractive to the opposite sex or same sex for that matter but because looking beautiful makes us feel good. Call it vanity, call it shallow but no one can take that wonderful good feeling within and great confidence we display whenever we feel beautiful.

Beauty Product for Both the Skin and Hair

Most beauty products for skin are just for the face, arms, hands, body, legs and feet. Hair products take care of the scalp and the hair. But don’t you just wish that there could be a beauty product for both the skin and the hair? We obviously can save a lot if the skin care product also takes care of our hair.

Have you heard about the oil that is making such a big buzz in the beauty industry? This is the Argan oil. This oil actually nourishes not just the skin and hair but also the nails. This is certainly something that us, women will want to get a hold of. But just what does this oil do for the skin, hair and nails? And what makes this oil work wonders?

What the Argan Oil Is Made Of

Let us first take a look at what the Argan oil is made up of. This oil contains essential unsaturated fatty acids, Vitamin E, Ferulic acid, Sterols, Carotenoids, Polyphenols and other antioxidants. These ingredients of the oil gives its moisturising ability and anti aging property.

Argan Oil for the Skin and Hair

Finally there is a beauty product that takes care of both the skin and the scalp. What benefits can your skin get from this oil?

  • Skin is moisturised and dry and flaky skin is avoided.
  • Premature skin aging is avoided and wrinkles are prevented from showing up.
  • Skin is protected from damaging effects of UV rays and free radicals.

What benefits can you get for your hair from this oil?

  • Hydrates the hair naturally. Fights hair curls and hair roughness.
  • Enhances hair elasticity and provides nourishment for hair growth.
  • Makes hair manageable.
  • Antioxidants in the oil give strength to the hair. Damaged hair cell membranes are also repaired.
  • Vitamin E helps restore the hair by repairing and renewing damaged hair.
  • Brings back hair lustre and shine by locking in moisture.
  • Omega 3 and Omega 9 and other unsaturated fatty acids of the oil nourish the roots and pores thereby strengthening the hair and repairing split ends.

Nails are also benefited by strengthening them through the Vitamin E found in the oil and conditioning nails because of its moisturising properties. Definitely this beauty product deserves a place in a woman’s beauty night stand.

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