Preventing Hair Loss and Baldness!

Hair cycle involves hair growth and hair loss. As part of this cycle, it is very normal to shed some of your hair. Sometimes though, some people may experience a hair loss above the normal speed. When this happens, balding may occur. This then becomes a problem. Both men and women may experience an excessive loss in hair.

What causes an excessive or abnormal hair loss?

  • STRESS – stress is one of the major causes of hair loss. As an example, a few months after one experiences an illness or when one undergoes surgery, one experiences excessive hair loss due to stress. Not to worry though because once stress is relieved, hair loss also lessens.
  • HORMONAL IMBALANCE – imbalances in one’s hormones may also cause an excessive hair loss. As an example, when one’s thyroid gland is either overactive or underactive, excessive hair loss may occur. Another example is when a woman becomes pregnant. During this period, some of her hormones shoot up causing hair to fall off.
  • MEDICATION – medicines like anticoagulants (blood thinners), medicine for gout, high blood pressure or heart problems. If too much of these medicines are taken one of their side effects is falling hair.
  • FUNGAL INFECTIONS – fungal infections especially when affecting the scalp may cause excessive hair loss. This type of problem affects men, women, and even children.
  • DISEASE – hair loss may also because of an underlying disease. When you notice a sudden excessive hair loss, it would be advisable for you to consult a doctor to find out the reason for your hair loss.
  • HAIR TREATMENTS – harsh hair treatments like hair color, gels, and various sprays may cause hair to fall. Look into the ingredients of the products you use in your hair. Opt for natural ingredients if possible.
  • CERTAIN HAIRSTYLES – when your hairstyle involves hair pulling such as simple pigtails or using hair styling equipment like hair rollers, hair fall may increase.

Argan Oil for Hair Loss

When you experience excessive hair loss, look into what might be causing your problem. Don’t worry though because you may use a wonder oil from Morocco. Argan oil was discovered not long ago from the Southwestern parts of Morocco. The people of Morocco have been using the oil for many years. Recently though this oil was brought outside of Morocco. Now being used worldwide, argan oil has helped many in their falling hair problems. Argan oil has been discovered to be rich in fatty acids, vitamins, and different nutrients that are wonderful for solving hair fall problems. Applying argan oil to scalp and hair will help strengthen hair and avoid excessive falling and/or balding. More and more people are learning about this wonder oil and finding out for themselves that this oil is indeed a wonder product. Being all natural, argan oil is safe to be used by men and women of all ages.

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