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Argan Oil For Hair – Works Wonders For All Hair Types

Argan oil is known as a natural hair conditioner and recognized as a good way to moisturize the hair.

Argan oil will surely help solve your hair problems with the plenty of hair benefits it has to offer.

Dry and damaged hair would be a thing of the past for regular users of the oil.

What make it even better is, it is all natural and so you are assured of its safety.

This oil that comes from an argan tree in Morocco leaves the hair healthy, shiny, and the strands stronger.

Let’s look deeper into why argan oil is such an amazing hair oil.

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Why is Argan oil such an Amazing oil for hair

Argan oil is rich in vitamin E, Sterols and in fatty acids – three ingredients known for its moisturizing effects.

And because argan oil has an extremely higher vitamin E and fatty acid content in it than other oils, it’s effects on hair can be seen almost instantly.

Known to help with various hair problems like frizzy, dry, damaged hair – no wonder argan oil is used and recommended by the hair experts all over the world.

Argan oil can be used as a:

  • Hair styling product
  • Heat protector (both from styling tools and the sun) for your locks and scalp
  • Deep leave-in treatment
  • Hair growth treatment
  • Treatment for scalp issues like dandruff

Argan oil protects the hair from harm from the sun

Everyone knows that the sun and its harmful UV rays damage the hair.

Application of argan oil can help solve this because it is known to protect the hair from excessive heat damage.

Excessive heat can make the scalp and hair dull and dry which may lead for strands to fall off.

Because argan oil is rich in vitamin E, it is able to make a protective layer for the hair.

This covering helps to insulate the hair from thermal heat that damages hair.

An all-natural moisturizer for the hair

As earlier stated, argan oil is a wonderful moisturizer for the hair.

When hair is hydrated it is able to give that extra bounce and silky feeling to hair.

Even as argan oil moisturizes it does not leave a greasy feeling or a greasy look to hair.

That is what makes argan oil different from others, it is easily absorbed by hair.

You’ll see the strands transform over time with visible results including:

  • Fewer split ends
  • Shinier locks
  • Thicker tresses
  • Improved elasticity

Argan oil works wonders for all hair types

  • Curly hair
  • Frizzy hair
  • Fine hair
  • Afro hair
  • Damaged hair

Argan oil for Curly Hair

Thick and curly hair looks beautiful, but it is also a hair type that needs a lot of care.

Curly hair can dry out and frizz easily, but fortunately Argan oil can protect against curly hair woes.

The oil can be used as an intense cure that fully hydrates your hair.

It ensures a good moisture balance protecting against future problems.

Argan oil makes for a great serum for curly hair types that can be used every day.

It can reduce split ends and fluff, leaving hair looking healthier and shinier.

3-step application for curly hair

  1. Remove excess moisture using a clean towel until hair is damp
  2. Take one section of your hair and then rub Argan oil starting from the ends. Use a generous amount of the oil to enhance curls. It is best to do only small sections for a better curl.
  3. Once done applying the oil to all of your hair sections, style your hair as you please.

Argan oil for Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair can be difficult to manage.

The good news is that a few drops of argan oil applied to hair will help reduce frizzy problems.

When you remove the protective fat layer that coats the hair’s cuticle hair becomes frizzy and dull.

In fact, frizzy hair is essentially damaged hair.

Feel free to skip ahead to learn more about caring for damaged hair.

Argan oil has the ability to tame frizz and leave hair sleeker and shinier as a result.

The oil works to rebuild the protective fat layer for health and radiance.

Its that layer that provides protection to the hair and keeps it’s hydrated and smooth.

Not to mention it reduces frizz!

How to Use argan oil for Frizzy hair?

Try an overnight treatment with argan oil to fight off frizzy hair in the morning.

Apply a generous amount from roots to ends and wrap up in a towel.

Wash hair normally the next morning to remove the excess oil before drying and styling as usual.

Argan oil for Fine Hair

Women with fine hair may think that argan oil is not suitable for them.

Oils are known for their gravity and quickly ensure that your hair feels greasy and weak.

This is not the case with argan oil.

In fact, this natural oil makes your hair shine and absorbs quickly in the strands. It can even help with creating more volume.

How to use argan oil for fine hair

If you have extra fine hair, make sure that you use just a tiny amount of the oil.

Doing so will avoid weighing down your fine hair and therefore add volume.

1. Spray less than a drop on your palms and rub the oil first on your face and body then use the leftovers to your hair.

2. Gently touch your hair from the ends to the roots.

3. Wash the oil out of the hair with a mild shampoo for a fresh and voluminous result.

Argan oil for Afro hair

However beautiful it is, afro hair can often become very unruly, fluffy and dry.

Argan oil ensures that your hair remains as healthy as possible and retains its elasticity.

This prevents the formation of frizz and ensures that your hair breaks down less quickly.

The result is hair that shines, nicely retains its shape and has subtle resilience.

How to use argan oil for Afro hair

Apply a generous amount of oil over hair before wrapping up overnight in a towel.

Let the oil do its work whilst you sleep before washing off and styling as normal the next morning.


Argan Oil Helps To Repair Damaged Hair

Damaged hair is common in the modern world thanks to advancements in heat styling and coloring techniques and other treatments that bring harm on hair.

To optimally care for damaged hair, it is important that you know how your hair is structured and how damage affects it…

The structure of your hair in a nutshell

Your hair simply consists of a hair shaft and the hair root.

The hair shaft is that part of the hair that we see and the hair root is that part that is under your scalp.

There are also the fat glands which keep your hair flexible.

Sometimes these glands produce too much or too little fat, which then weighs up the hair or makes it dry and brittle.

At the base of the hair root is also the so-called hair bulb where the nutrients are received for making new cells.

The hair bulb feeds on blood and provides the basic cells with nutrients such as fats, carbohydrates, proteins and oxygen

How does argan oil help to repair damaged hair?

For a healthy tresses it is important that you properly care for all parts of your hair.

That means that you pay attention to your hair shaft, but also to the hair root for all round nourishment and a natural, deep shine.

Argan oils make the hair stronger by helping repairing cellular membranes of the hair that have been damaged.

The oil penetrates deep into the scalp, nourishing hair from within.

In fact the beauty industry has hailed the oil as one of the best agents for treating damaged hair, thanks to the essential nutrients it contains…

Essential Fatty Acids

This argan oil ingredient protectss and strengthens your hair shaft, ensuring beautiful shiny locks that are protected against damage.

They provide essential nutrients for hair pores and roots.

These make the hair’s protein bonding structures stronger for more resilient hair and reduced split ends.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant which offers the body (and hair) protection against the harsh effects of free radicals.

It effectively restores, renews and repairs damage brought about by over-styling and the elements.

As a result less breakage occur and hair is less brittle.

With its Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, the hair and scalp are nourished, helping to promote hair growth.

Prevent further damage to your hair

With damaged hair it is important that you feed your hair as much as possible and that you use as little stress as possible.

This means regularly using hair nourishing products, such as argan oil.

It’s also best to avoid excessive heat from hot showers and styling tools.

We always recommend using argan oil in combination with mild and preferably natural hair care products.


Argan oil & Hair Loss

For some people, hair loss is primarily a hereditary problem.

However, there are other factors that contribute, such as clogged hair follicles and an unclean scalp.

A healthy and clean scalp is more able to grow hair and to hold it better.

You can get your scalp back in good condition by performing a scalp massage.

This causes the hair follicles to unclog, which stimulates hair growth. Here you can read more on argan oil for hair growth.

Since it’s packed with Vitamin E, this oil is ideal especially for those with damaged and thinning hair.

Because antioxidants attack free radicals, problems such as early hair loss and degrading hair are reduced.

Vitamin E promotes blood circulation, a process which ensures that nutrients get distributed evenly throughout the scalp.

How to massage the scalp

Apply a few drops of argan oil to the fingertips.

Make circular movements on the scalp to stimulate the blood circulation in the skin and to release the hair follicles.

How to use Argan Oil for Heat styling

It is however recommended that you apply the oil first if you’re using heat styling tools.

This way your locks are protected from damage due to thermal styling.

If you have naturally curly hair, apply the oil before using a curling iron to enhance your curls and get a volume boost.

If you want a natural yet polished look, air dry your locks and manually style it using the oil.

Argan Oil For Styling

As a styling product, Argan oil will add shine and eliminate frizz.

The oil will help straighten your hair out or give enhancement to your natural lovely curls.

By using the oil when styling your locks, your hairstyle can last all day long and stay put.

The oil gives a natural, flexible yet long lasting hold without giving your hair that stiff and sticky feeling.

It is very easy to use Argan oil for styling hair.

The truth is it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  • Step One: Use a clean, damp towel to wet your dry locks.
  • Step Two: Spray the needed amount of oil on your palms and rub your palms gently into your locks. Make sure that you cover from ends to roots, using gentle pressure on the roots.
  • Step Three: Go ahead and style your hair as you please!

Applying Argan oil to Dry Hair

With dry hair you use only one to two drops of the oil.

This amount will fight frizz and prevents split ends, even with very dry and curly hair.

Gently pat the small amount onto hair, focusing on the strands and ends to add shine and protection from split ends.

Comb your hair through again and then style as desired.

Argan Oil For Hair Infographic

Check out the key points in this infographic!



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