Can Argan Oil Repair Damaged Hair?

Argan Oil Is Effective Against Hair Damage
It is quite amazing how a new hair style can change the look and even the outlook of a person. Men and women are known for sporting different hairstyles in their lifetime. We cut, curl, straighten, grow, tie, clip, shave, apply gel, put wax, apply mud and other styling products and colour our hair. Add to this the fact that many of us, especially women often blow dry our hair after a bath or a shower. All of these hair styling, styling products and styling tools that we use on our hair can actually cause tremendous damage. Exposure to elements can also cause havoc in your hair. The sun, wind, the cold temperature and pollution can put tremendous stress on the hair. Often the result of overstyling, overuse of styling tools and hair products as well as prolonged unprotected exposure to the elements is damaged hair. Some can experience having dry hair, unmanageable hair, split ends, brittle hair and even hair loss from all of the abuse the hair has been subjected to. Who wants a bad hair day everyday? I definitely don’t and many would share the same sentiment. Bad hair days can actually make a person irritable and can even have a great impact on one’s self-confidence. In a world wherein appearance matters, whether we admit this or deny this part, the fact is most of us care about how we look. Whether it is society that dictates this notion, there is truth that we do get judged by our appearances. Definitely, most of us would not want to show up on a job interview with messy or disgruntled hair unless you are a rock star. But even rock stars have a “good way” of presenting a disgruntled and messy hairdos.

Moroccan Argan Oil Repairs Hair Damage

Many hair care and hair repair products are out in the market today. However one should note that not all of these products can actually undo the damage that has been done on your hair. Some of these products also contain ingredients that would only worsen the damage and can even potentially cause serious health problems.

Moroccan Argan Oil is Packed with Vitamin E

When it comes to repairing damaged hair, one of your best options is the Moroccan Argan oil. This precious oil contains a high amount of Vitamin E. Vitamin E effectively restores, renews and repairs damages brought about by overstyling and the elements. Vitamin E is also a potent antioxidant. You probably already know that antioxidants are our body’s protection against the harsh effects of free radicals. Numerous natural antioxidants such as phenols are found in the oil and they make the hair stronger by repairing cellular membranes of the hair that have been damaged. In fact the beauty industry has hailed the oil as one of the best agents for treating damaged hair.

Argan Oil and Unsaturated EFAs

Another component of the oil that benefits the hair tremendously is its unsaturated essential fatty acids. The unsaturated essential fatty acids or EFAs are actually essential nutrients for hair pores and roots. These EFAs make the hair’s protein bonding structures stronger therefore hair is strengtened and split ends are avoided.