Argan Oil: Is it Worth Every Penny?

When we talk about anti-aging, one of the most common products that will definitely pop up during the conversation is Argan oil. This miracle oil from Morocco is one of the latest anti-aging products in the market. Positive testimonials about it is the reason why this so-called liquid gold continues to be in the center of talks.

Alongside talks about its benefits though are buzz about its market price. An average 50 ml bottle of this oil is around 35 to 50 dollars. One of the reasons why this is the case is because cultivation of this oil is very labor intensive. This oil came from the fruit of Argan tree which can be found only in Morocco. Acknowledging the tremendous value of the tree, manufacturers needed to find a way to produce the oil in a sustainable manner. While there are women who are willing to splurge for the sake of beauty, there are those who are hesitant. 50 dollars can go along way, I agree, but here are a number of reasons why experts say it’ll be worth every penny.

Cell Regeneration
Most products promise a cure for symptoms of aging. Wrinkles, fine lines and age spots are just some of the problems anti-aging products nowadays attempt to resolve. This miracle oil, however, takes it a step further. Manufacturers claim this oil doesn’t only targets symptoms, it actually delays the aging process. How? By promoting cell regeneration.

As we age, our bodies undergo cell degeneration. This means dead cells get replaced by weaker cells, a process that makes us age faster. Argan oil puts a stop to this by feeding our cells with the nutrients they need and more. When cells get replaced by stronger cells, regeneration begins. This doesn’t only delay the aging process. With newer, better cells in our system, regeneration will make us feel and look younger. If this still doesn’t convince you of the oil’s value, here are more reasons.

Argan oil is not just for the skin. Experts agree that this organic oil is great for the hair and nails too. Since it’s packed with Vitamin E, this oil is ideal especially for those with damaged and thinning hair. Vitamin E promotes blood circulation, a process which ensures that nutrients get distributed evenly throughout the body, including hair. A well-nourished scalp is key to healthier and fuller hair. The same goes for nails. Rich in Vitamin E and Omega 6, this serves as direct food source for our nails.

Liquid Gold Vs Treatments
Because of its numerous benefits, this liquid gold is definitely worth the investment, imagine how much you will have to spend for separate treatments of your skin, hair and nail problems. I’m sure you will agree that it’ll be more than 50 dollars.

Benefiting Families in Morocco
Women’s cooperatives are in charge of extracting this liquid gold. Many lives have been made better because of the demand for this product. The money you pay for every bottle of Argan oil can mean a means to fulfill a dream of a child in Morocco!

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