Argan Oil The Secret To Every Celebrity’s Sensational Skin

How is it possible for celebrities to look so perfect every time they venture outside? For the everyday person, washing the face, adding moisturizer and running out the door is the normal routine. Take a tip from the celebrities, however, because they have the inside scoop on the latest skin trends. Argan oil is derived from a tree that’s found in Morocco. It’s been used as a food in these local regions, but its powerful elements makes it a sure winner for skin enhancement. Discover who is using argan oil, and you’ll understand why they look spectacular with each photo shoot.

1. Charlize Theron

One of the most beautiful starlets in Hollywood today is Charlize Theron. Her hair is a stunning, blonde hue, but it gets a lot of abuse from on-set stylists. She uses argan oil as a leave-in conditioner.

This crafty strategy accomplishes several tasks, including:

• Nourishes the hair shaft

• Reduces split ends

• Calms down any hair frizz

Argan oil in its pure form or mixed with other cosmetics has the same effects throughout. Miss Theron sees glowing hair with an oil that slowly absorbs into the hair shaft. It’s no wonder that she shines on the big screen.

2. Nina Dobrev

As a television star with a supernatural element, Nina Dobrev’s long and silky hair is constantly exposed to makeup, fake blood and other character details. To keep her hair in tip-top shape for the cameras, Miss Dobrev uses argan oil as part of a larger beauty regimen.

Once a week, she’ll create a hair mask that includes argan oil. Her hair always has that shiny consistency so it makes sense that this oil is constantly permeating the locks.

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3. Catherine Zeta-Jones

It’s almost unbelievable that Catherine Zeta-Jones is nearly 50 years old. Her face has a smooth appearance that everyone wants to emulate. Her secret is an argan-oil facial.

Every night, Miss Zeta-Jones saturates her face with argan oil. With a long night of rest ahead of her, the skin has a chance to absorb all of the nutrients found in the oil, such as:

• Vitamin E

• Phenols

• Fatty acids

With anti-inflammatory properties, argan oil helps her skin glow without any red patches to show off to the cameras.

4. Mara Roszak

A smart way to learn any celebrity secrets is by interviewing the stylists. Mara Roszak is a famous hair stylist who works primarily with movie stars. She has a trick that she uses on almost all of her clients.

The Hollywood cameras are bright and tend to drown out a star’s features. Miss Roszak adds a touch of argan oil to her client’s entire hairstyle. As the star walks out to the stage, the hair has a shine and glow about it for the entire scene.

5. Gita Bass

Get to know Gita Bass, and you’ll realize that there’s more to her makeup than just colors. Working hard on set can take its toll on the skin so she adds argan oil to the mixtures.

Within her foundation is a hint of oil that allows the skin to glow under the layer. Celebrities can shine whether it’s 10 p.m. or sunrise.

You can look like a celebrity at any age. Now that the secret is out, share this article with your friends. Post it on blogs, or send the link to your social-media account. You might want to try a bottle of argan oil for your own beauty regimen. Looking good doesn’t have to be limited to the rich and famous.