Knowing How Argan Oil Benefits Your Skin!

The skin holds a vital role in our bodies and keeping it healthy is vital. Can you imagine the human body without any skin? How horrible and problematic that would be! If you’re not the type to take time and even notice your skin, better think again and look further on why the skin needs attention.


The skin acts as a barrier against various germs and other organisms, helps keep the insides of the body in place, and helps the body have a normal body temperature. The skin is about 0.07 inches (2 mm) thick and it is the largest organ of the body. The skin is composed of two layers that cover a third fatty layer. These layers are called the epidermis, dermis, and the subcutaneous tissue. Subcutaneous literally means “under the skin”. The top most layer, the epidermis, is a tough layer that contains melanin. Melanin protects the skin from the sun and it is also in charge of giving the skin its color. The dermis is the second layer and it contains nerve endings, sweat and oil glands, and hair follicles. The third layer is made up of fatty tissues and also serves as a cushion to various body parts.


Argan oil comes from the fruits of a tree. This tree may only be found in the Southwestern parts of Morocco. Interestingly, although this oil technically comes from only place, it is still very much in demand. Why is that so? It is because argan oil is rich in properties beneficial to mankind. Known to be rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, argan oil helps fight aging in skin. For most people, if aging can be avoided or at least delayed, no mountain or land is too high or far to reach it. Good thing that argan oil is already available all over the world. Discovered a few years back, argan oil has been exported out of Morocco to help more people benefit from its properties.


  • Argan oil is a wonderful skin moisturizer. As this oil is rich in fatty acids, argan oil can restore life to otherwise dry, chapped, and itchy skin. It does not have any cholesterol making it a better moisturizer than others.
  • Vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids found in argan oil are great antioxidants that help the skin cells in oxygenation. Similarly, these also fight the harmful effects of free radicals in the body.
  • Argan oil controls sebum or the natural oils in the body. This works perfectly for people who have acne and oily skin. Sebum will be neutralized and your skin will surely clear up from acne and acne scars.
  • When applied regularly, argan oil helps restore the skin’s elasticity. Especially for aging men and women, skin elasticity is of importance. Wrinkles will lessen and diminish and aging will be a lot slower.
  • For pregnant women, argan oil also works wonders. This oil is able to control and prevent stretch marks.
Argan oil is indeed a lot beneficial to skin. Take a habit of using this wonder oil from Morocco and experience the numerous positive effects it can bring.

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