Argan Oil – Why Hair Experts Recommend It!

Argan oil is increasingly getting known not just in the world of expert hair stylists and hair dressers but it is increasingly catching on to public awareness as well. People from all over have been talking about this “miracle oil” from Morocco and more and more are wondering – What is so special about this oil? And why are the hair experts recommending it? This article will talk about that. It will talk about the secrets of argan oil, why it is special, and just what wonders it brings to hair.

Argan oil comes from the nuts of the Argan tree that is also known as the Argania Spinosa. This tree is not as popular because it only grows in select parts of Morocco. Found in the desert, it may live up to 150-200 years despite the lack of water. In search of water, the Argan tree’s roots dig deep down into the soil, helping retain the soil and preventing erosion. Just as the tree helps the land, the oil that comes from its nuts is also very beneficial and helpful to people.

Inside the fruits of the tree are nuts which contain several kernels. The oil is basically extracted from these kernels which were manually done in the past. Local women from Morocco would gather the fruits of the tree, get the nuts, take out the kernels, and would use their hands and a few tools such as rocks to get the oil out of them. A backbreaking procedure but worth it.

As these Moroccan women would attest, argan oil is beneficial in many ways. One of its most popular benefits is its wonderful effects on the hair.

Argan and Hair

Argan oil is rich in vitamin E and in fatty acids – two ingredients known for its moisturizing effects. And because argan oil has an extremely higher vitamin E and fatty acid content in it than other oils, it’s effects on hair can be seen almost instantly. Known to help with various hair problems like frizzy, dry, damaged hair – no wonder argan oil is used and recommended by the hair experts all over the world.

How the Experts Use It

Experts would recommend you to use raw and organic argan oil. Raw organic oil is all natural making it safe for all hair types. It also makes it safe for people who have various sensitivities of the skin and scalp.

If you would want an intensive hair treatment to improve dry and damaged hair, apply a generous amount of argan oil to your dry hair. Experts would then advice you to wrap your hair in a warm towel and wait for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, wash and style your hair as you would want to. As experts would say, you would instantly notice added smoothness and shine to your hair.

Argan oil with its numerous health properties will surely solve your hair problems. Dry and damaged hair would be a thing of the past for regular users of the oil. What’s better is, it is all natural and so you are assured of its safety.

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