At Home Remedies for Stinky Feet

Whether we’d like to admit it or not, our feet do smell sometimes. But we all would like to keep that a secret. Most people even feel embarrassed to be seen buying products for foot odor. If you are not comfortable going to the supermarket or drugstore to buy a foot odor product, then here are a few alternatives that may be already in your kitchen cupboard or perhaps your liquor cabinet. These remedies would allow you to solve your foot odor issues discreetly.

Vodka: A Quick Remedy

If you love drinking vodka (hopefully not too often and not too much) you probably have a bottle of it in your liquor cabinet. Although we often say that one should not go looking for the solutions to their problems at the bottom of a bottle, but when it comes to foot odor a bottle of vodka can be a savior. Grab a clean washcloth and infuse it with some vodka then wipe your smelly feet with it. The alcohol in vodka acts as an antiseptic. It also cools and dries the feet once it evaporates. If water is not available for some reason and you only have a bottle of vodka within reach, it is ideal to use for a quick clean-up. You can also use rubbing alcohol instead of vodka.

Apple Cider Vinegar: An Even More Pungent Cure

Are you ready to soak your feet in all the pungency of apple cider vinegar? You may not like the pungent smell of apple cider vinegar but if you are serious about getting rid of the stink in your feet, you should consider doing this. Make a foot soak made of one part apple cider vinegar and two parts water and leave your feet submerged in it for about 20 minutes. Apple cider vinegar will take care of the foot odor as well as the fungus.

Keep These Things in Mind

You’ll need to thoroughly rinse your feet after the soak and you may need to rinse multiple times as the smell of apple cider vinegar can linger on. If you’re going to try out this remedy, remember that vinegar can dry out the feet and cause irritation with prolonged soaking over time.

Black Tea for Your Feet? Yea Please!

If your feet are starting to stink, a black tea foot bath is in order. Tea just like vinegar can bring down perspiration because of its tannin. When your feet perspire, they create an environment that allows fungi and bacteria to thrive and these microscopic organisms are responsible for that foul odor. A black tea foot bath has less drying effects than vinegar so it is safer to use every day. If you’re not too fond of apple cider vinegar’s scent, a tea bath is a great alternative. The tea though may stain your feet so you’ll need to soak your feet in a soap and water footbath after.

Say goodbye to smelly feet with these at-home remedies.

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