Avoid “Airplane Skin” With These Tips!

Are you often up in the air darting from one place to another? If you are a frequent flyer whether because of work or pleasure, you probably are very familiar with what many refer to as “airplane skin”. After flying for hours up in the sky, your skin starts feeling tight, dry and flaky. If you are wondering why this is so the answer is quite simple. The sudden change in altitude plus pressurized and low humidity environment in the plane means your skin is being robbed of its natural moisture. So how do you avoid sporting “airplane skin” when you fly frequently?

The answer is not stop flying! This is not just reasonable especially if you fly for work. Besides flying to a destination is faster, comfortable and more convenient than travelling by land and sea.

Skin Care Tips for Frequent Flyers

Read on to find out how you can avoid wearing airplane skin!

  • You should do some prepping for your skin. Prevention is always better than cure. So the night before your flight make sure that you give your skin some moisture loving. A great skin moisturiser to use is the Moroccan Argan oil. After washing your face, apply the oil on your face. The oil is non-comedogenic and is easily absorbed by the skin. This oil can also be used to moisturise the entire body. Make sure that you do this before your flight since airline policies do not allow any liquid or even lotions to be hand carried in the plane.
  • If you can go without makeup during your flight, then do so. However, if you simply can not go on without make up , it is best to use mineral-based or organic cosmetics. As much as possible, go light on your make up. You can just do some retouching once you land.
  • During your flight, you can give your face some needed moisture. You can mist your face with water. You probably can no longer carry your bottle of misting spray in the plane, but you can ask a glass of water from the flight attendant and with just your fingers, mist your face with water.
  • Don’t forget about moisturising your lips. Be sure to apply lip balm before your flight. This would prevent chapping or cracking of your lips which can be really painful.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. If the flight attendant asks you coffee or tea, ask for some water instead. You may be tempted to ask for an alcoholic beverage but stop yourself from doing so. Coffee, tea and alcohol dehydrates the skin. So it is best that you stick with a glass or bottle of water instead. Ideally, you should drink up every hour.

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