Avoid the Pain of Hangnails with Moroccan Argan Oil

Ever experienced getting a hangnail? This is definietly something that many of us dread having. If one is looking at the grand scheme of health, a hangnail may be deemed as something insignificant. But do not be too quick in your judgment as a hangnail can lead to infection which can land you in all sorts of health issues. The great news is there are numerous ways to avoid having hangnails.

Understanding Hangnails

Many people think that hangnails have something to do with their fingernails. This is actually not true. Many also would confuse hangnails with ingrown nails. When you have ingrown nails, this means that your nails have grown into the soft skin of the nail bed. When you talk of a hangnail this pertains to the dry tags of the skin around the fingernails having a triangular shape that can tear off. Several things lead to hangnails which is the reason why almost everyone experiences a hangnail. But persisting and recurring hangnails can spell bigger troubles.

Hangnail Health Risk

Hangnails may seem not too big for many but they do pose a serious health risk. When you get a hangnail, it means that the skin around your fingernails tears off which puts you at a great risk of getting various infections. We use our hands everyday in almost everything which means that they are exposed to various bacteria, viruses and even fungi. An opening in your skin can mean all sorts of trouble.

Common Causes of Hangnails

Before you can start taking steps to prevent getting a hangnail, you should first understand what can cause them.
  • Anything that can dry your skin can cause hangnails. The cold bitter months, soaking for long in water, detergents, harsh soaps or anything with harsh chemicals in them can cause dry skin which makes you then vulnerable to getting a hangnail.
  • Nail biting is also another culprit of hangnails. Your parents most probably have asked you to stop doing this horrid habit from your younger years. If you have continued on with this habit until now, it is really high time you stop. Biting your nails is an unhealthy habit. Your hands have been everywhere and most probably tuck underneath your fingernails are bacteria that can cause sickness. This habit is also bad for your teeth. Nail biting also damages your nail bed. Your nail bed is the skin that is found under your fingernail. Having a weak nail bed can mean having more hangnails.
  • A manicure gone bad can also cause hangnail. If ever the person who did your manicure (yourself, a friend or someone from a nail salon) has an awful skill in nail clipping then you may just have a hangnail. If you frequently nip your cuticles, this can also lead to hangnail.

Preventing Hangnails

  • Moroccan Argan oil – This oil is a potent moisturiser as it contains a high amount of Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and other nutrients with moisturising properties. The Moroccan Argan oil will moisturise your cuticles, nails and the skin around them. It will also strengthen your nails.
  • Avoiding unhealthy hand and nail habits – This is one of the most important and effective ways in preventing getting a hangnail.