Avoid Falling Ill this Fall Season!

Being Sick Sucks

The flu season is already here. We don’t want to catch the bug and fall ill. How do you protect yourself against the flu season? Well, you’d have to work on getting a stronger immune system. Here are easy steps on how to boost your immunity!

Ways to Boost Your Immune System

  • Work out regularly! Doing regular exercise will definitely up your immunity! You don’t have to go to the gym to get a good workout. A simple exercise like a 30-minute brisk walk is already a great way to bolster your immune system. When you keep moving you are making your antibody as well as T-cells respond stronger. If you can exercise daily that would be a great help in making your immune system stronger.Think you don’t have that much time to exercise? Exercise on your way to work or on your way back home. You can walk the stairs instead of using the elevator or get off a couple of blocks away from your office or home to walk the rest of the way. Exercise also is great in defeating depression and stress. Stress actually weakens the immune system. A little exercise can beat stress, sadness and the big bad flu away!
  • Take the time to smell the flowers and smile! You should not be all too serious all the time. A smile can make a huge difference in your day or you can make someone’s day all better with just a simple smile. Find joy and happiness in simple things. A cup of coffee with friends, a simple get together, a stroll in the park, appreciating the beauty of nature or just a quiet time at home can help get rid of your worries and stress. As said earlier, stress can weaken the immune system. Meditation exercises like yoga can also beat stress. Too much stress do not just compromise your immune system, it can also lead to depression. So make it a weekly habit to find time for de-stressing.
  • Have a good sleeping pattern. Sleep is crucial to developing a healthy body. When the body is asleep, cytokines are produced. Cytokines have the ability to beat infection, inflammation and yes, you’ve guessed right, stress! Cytokines also strengthen other cells in the body that fight infection. Ever noticed that you’re quick to get cranky when you haven’t had sleep? Aside from crankiness, you sure would be quick to get sick when you don’t get enough sleep and you’re also bound to need a longer recovery time from sickness.
  • A healthy diet is necessary. A balanced diet is important in making the immune system stronger. Your meals should have carbohydrates, protein and fibres. In addition, you should also see to it that you consume antioxidant-packed foods. Leafy greens and colourful fruits are loaded with antioxidants. Why should you load up on antioxidants? The answer is simply because they effectively combat the harmful effects of free radicals. Free radicals have been blamed for cancer, heart illnesses and many more diseases. Healthy oils such as olive oil and Argan oil are also ideal. The culinary Argan oil in particular is packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and unsaturated fatty acids which help keep the body healthy!

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