Basic Facts You Need to Know About Oils

If you are a chef, a cook, a person who loves to cook, or simply a person who loves food, then you would know that one of the basic ingredients every kitchen has is oil. Used for frying, sautéing, as dressing, and so much more, the oil you use not only affects texture but also flavor. Today’s world has seen many changes and upgrades in oils. Being more health conscious, people are also looking for healthier oils to use for their dishes. It’s not enough that the oil is flavorful, more important it is necessary to look into its nutritional contents and how it can affect the body. Let’s look into some of the most important oil facts.

Going for organic oils

Organic oils are a little more expensive than regular oils but paying a little extra maybe worth wile if you want to look for better future health. Plants that are sprayed with pesticides when gathered for oil would usually become fat-soluble. Gearing towards organic oils will help you lessen your fat content. Getting familiarized with these types of oil such as extra virgin oils will help you to get a better view of how much healthier they are. Extra virgin oils for example maybe grown organically and they are not refined and deodorized.

Going for 100% natural oils

Natural oils are one of the best oils you can use. These oils do not have any added chemicals or unhealthy solutions that could potentially harm your body. Among the best natural oils you can use is argan oil. 100% pure argan oil that comes from the southwestern parts of Morocco is both flavorful and healthy for you. With its unique nutty flavor, argan oil will surely bring out the best in your dishes. Exported to various countries, argan oil has become well known for many international chefs. Although in demand because of its taste, argan oil is more popularly known for its health benefits. Because it is rich in vitamin E, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants, argan oil is best known for its ant-aging effects. Anti-aging effects both physically and internally. Great for the skin, hair, and nails, argan oil is also well known for lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. Great for the cardiovascular system, you would feel good about eating with this oil.

Going for flavorful oils

A lot of people put flavor on top of health benefits. There are a lot of flavorful oils you can look into, those that are easy to get in your favorite grocery store. Some of the most common ones would include butter, peanut oils, olive oil, sunflower and safflower oils are among the most common ones. These oils and fats are flavorful and healthy as well so skim through oil racks first before making that purchase. Read labels and go for both flavor and good health.

These oil facts will help you in your next gourmet dish. It maybe for a special occasion or for a daily meal, but using oils will definitely be part of your cooking and getting the best will always get your money’s worth.

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