Be a Blooming Bride!

Be Your Best On Your Best Day

We all want a perfect wedding. Whether you want it simple or over-the-top, the common denominator is that every bride wants it to be perfect.

One very important part of having “the” perfect wedding is looking perfect. You may have the best wedding planner, the best dress, the best venue…but if you look haggard on that day, then they’re all for naught. Some brides opt for the extreme and even go under the knife just to be “the” perfect bride. Not all of us though can afford this or would even want to undergo such method. So, what now?

You can still be a blushing bride despite the long, stressful hours that usually accompany wedding preparations. Follow these simple tips and you won’t have worry about your groom suddenly having cold feet.

Don’t Neglect Your Beauty Routine

Yes, I understand that you have other more important wedding preparations that you just need to attend to. However, religously following your beauty routine despite the hectic schedule remains a must. You don’t want to look tired and stressed out on your wedding day right? So don’t skip cleansing, toning and moisturizing before you go to bed. As part of your preparation for the big day, I suggest that you splurge a bit on great skin care products like Argan oil. This so-called miracle oil from Morocco has been creating a lot of buzz lately, mainly because it’s not only great for the skin, it actually fights off wrinkles too. Argan oil is natural and organic so it’s great even for brides with sensitive skin.

Beauty Sleep

Even if you followed your beauty routine regularly, it doesn’t mean you can already sacrifice some precious hours of sleep so you could give your wedding invitations a personal touch. You really need your beauty sleep. This 8-hour period gives your body the chance to renew cells. This brings me to another point which is to exfoliate weekly to remove build up of dead skin cells and the use of Moroccan Argan oil as this oil promotes cell regeneration.

No to Smoking! No to Drinking!

We all know that both these vices are bad for you. So if you’re really determined to be the perfect bride, do not smoke. Alcohol intake, meanwhile, should be kept at a minimum. Remember, your skin reflects what’s in your body so if you’re taking in toxic substances then that’s what you’ll look.

Some Action!

This may be prohibited in some religions that teach abstinence ’til one’s married but if you’re not among those then go ahead and play around with your husband-to-be. Studies show that having sex helps circulate blood flow, bringing essential nutrients and oxygen to the skin. This process will help remove toxins, making you appear younger and I’m sure you’d want that on your big day.

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