Be an Expert on Nails!

Understanding How To Care For Your Nails Can Make You An Expert

You go out there ready to take on the world. You’ve got your best pencil-skirt on, five inch stilletos and red polished nails that shout chic and all business! People around you say, “She got it all figured out”. Little do they know that just like them, you have the same vanity problems. You use spanks. Your feet ache after a day on impossible heels. And yes, your nails go brittle too after weeks covered by suffocating nail polish.

If want to live up to your reputation, follow these tips on how to best care for your nails. You may still have cellulite or feet problems but at least when it comes to nails, you’ve, indeed, got it all figured out!

Don’t Blame It On the Polish
While suffocation from nail polish is one of the main causes of brittle, dull nails, it isn’t always the case. Don’t immediately blame your nail problems on your polish and start swearing off coloring your nails forever. Fungal infection is sometimes the cause of brittle nails so consult your doctor first. There are oral, topical and laser treatments for this problem.

Never Cut Your Cuticles
I’m not kidding. This is what experts are advicing. Healthy cuticles determine the healthy growth of your nails. If you’re cuticles are damaged, your nails will grow ridged and may even fall off. Cuticles also help protect your nails from dirt and bacteria. If your cuticles are really giving you a hard time polishing your nails, experts say you can always just push them.

Use a Base Coat
Acetone and nail polish are not the only materials that you’ll need for a manicure. Yes, ladies, you need base coats too. Base coats help protect your nails from your polish’s harsh chemicals so don’t be lazy.

Some are afraid to moisturize their hands and nails for fear of ruining their newly manicured nails. Actually, moisturizers help strengthen your nails and make your polishes last longer not the other way around. Veer away from artifical moisturizers though. Go for the natural, organic ones for optimal results. Argan oil is a good example. This miracle oil contains essential fats and vitamin E for nail strengthening. Also known as liquid gold, Argan oil is loaded with antioxidants that will protect your nails from environmental damage.

Give Them a Break
If not one of these tips work, then your nails may already be crying out for a break. Give it at least a week devoid of polishes. Moisturize regularly and soon enough, you’ll see your nails growing and looking better.