Be Confident and Beautiful Without Wearing Make-Up!

I only started wearing make up when I started working. Back when I was still in college, I question my schoolmates who already wore make-up. Don’t get me wrong. They really look nice. It’s just that I feel sad whenever I think of how different they look without their make-ups on. My friend and I who were both atheletes then, described their no make-up look as too pale to the point of looking sick. We never fail to thank Mr. Sun then for the natural colors we had on our cheeks and the game that never fails to make us looked naturally flushed.

No Make-Up Look…Literally

Only a few months into my work, however, I started compensating for the lack of physical activity. It appears I needed to put on artificial blush on my cheeks. So I did just that. Then I needed to open up my haggard eyes more…so I played with eye shadows and liners. Little by little, my make up kit became an essential part of my life. Soon, I became just like the girls in my college days who can’t live without make-up. Yes, just like them, I started seeing my natural face as too pale to the point of looking sick.
However, there is still a chance to change this mindset. You can look made up without make up. You just got to have the attitude.

Be Confident
I always tell my friends who ask for fashion tips that the key is confidence. No matter how weird your choices may be, if you walk in your chosen style with confidence, then people around you will look at you in a more positive light, whether or not you’re wearing make-up.

Always Smile
Even if you have the most expensive make-up on and even if it was applied by an infamous make-up artist…if you step into the world with your problems on your face…you will still look problematic just like your stressed neighbor who have four kids and doesn’t know the difference between foundation and baby powder. Smile with sincerity. It will do your face wonders.

Pose Like a Dancer
Ever noticed how dancers carry themselves as if they’re the most confident beings in the universe? That’s probably because of their posture. With their backs straight and their heads held high, they exude confidence even if their make-ups are melting and their bodies dripping with sweat. You don’t have to be a dancer though to pose like one. Walk with your backs straight and you’ll soon be feeling beautiful even without your make up on.

Wear Red
Don’t laugh. Studies show that men just respond to red more. If you want to feel pretty, grab on a little red dress. I bet your guy wouldn’t notice that you don’t have any make-up on.

The Three Sacred Steps
Cleanse. Tone. Moisturize. Never forget to do these 3 steps twice a day. The key to an effective no make-up look is a healthy, smooth face so take care of it always. Go for products that are organic like Argan oil. Argan oil will keep the skin moisturised! It will also fight off wrinkles by promoting cell regeneration.

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