Be the Darling of Summer with Your Divine Skin!

What does it mean to have healthy skin? Did you know that healthy skin is actually a bit acidic? Our skin actually has an acid mantle covering which protects the skin from the elements. This acid mantle is actually sebum and sweat combined.

You may be thinking that this is more of a Science talk but don’t just wander yet as this article is really about proper summer skin care. The summer season are months of heat and high humidity. These weather conditions make us perspire more as our bodies try to cool itself down from the smouldering heat. Because of rapid water loss, the skin produces much more sebum as a counter reaction. Too much sebum can collect and start clogging your pores which would then result to skin breakouts.

Here are ways on how to keep your skin healthy, clear and free from breakouts during the summertime.

Summer Caring for Your Skin

The following skin care tips are good for almost any skin type. Follow these skin care tips religiously if you are serious about keeping your skin healthy and beautiful for the entire summer season.

  1. Wash your face with a mild and gentle cleanser. Cleaning the face will get rid of the dirt, grime and excess oil that has collected on the skin. Allowing all of these to settle on your face will start clogging your pores resulting to those annoying breakouts. Remember to not over wash. Just wash your face once in the morning and once before going to bed.
  2. Exfoliate. Exfoliating takes away the dead skin cells that have been shed. This means that the new and healthy skin will be revealed underneath all those dead skin cells. Do not overdo the exfoliation as well. Twice a week is the maximum.
  3. Use a toner. After cleansing or exfoliating it is best to apply toner to your facial skin. This is to hydrate your skin. Remember to use an organic or natural toner. Skip those that have alcohol in its ingredients.
  4. Moisturise the skin daily. A moisturising product that is organic is best to use. Use Argan oil as your moisturiser as this oil contains components that moisturise, nourish and protect the skin from harsh damages. Avoid moisturisers that can clog the pores such as lotions and creams.
  5. Massage Argan oil to your face at night. Giving your skin a massage allows for great circulation. Oxygen is needed by skin cells to replenish and rejuvenate while you are at sleep. It is best to use this oil as this contains Sterols and Vitamin E which helps the skin grow, repair and develop.
  6. Use sunscreen lotion everyday. Keep in mind that the sun’s Ultra Violet rays cause the most damage to the skin. Wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, sun spots and age spots are surely not anything that you would want to show on your skin. Harmful UV rays also cause skin cancer.

Give your skin extra loving this summer! Follow these 6 tips and you would be definitely the darling of the season.

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