Be Wary of Diseases You Can Get from Nail Salons

If you happen to be having coffee in a coffee shop that is right across a nail salon, you would see how busy a nail salon actually is. In just an hour, you would see customers coming in and coming out. It seems that this business had everything figured out. Women and even men love to pamper themselves and a visit to the salon will let you feel exactly pampered. You literally have someone at your feet and hands. Trimming, filing, saoking, scrubbing, massaging and nail colouring and nail art are the most popular services that many pay for. Customers walk out the door, happy with their lovely mani and pedi but these are not only the things you can get from nail salons. Did you know that your nail salon visit can potentially lead you straight to the doctor’s office?

This is not to give nail salon afficionados a good scare or even ruin the business that nail salons have going on but the truth is nail salon customers as well as salon workers are at risk of getting and spreading disease. All the scrubbing trimming and clipping that goes on in salons, there would be instances when hands and feet get cut or nicked. Any open wound would make anyone vulnerable to getting bacteria or viruses in causing infection. And since tools used in nail salons are not exclusive to just one customer, the spread of infection is very high.

Footbath Risks

If you love having a foot bath in nail salons, here are some of the risks you may be exposing yourself to.

  • Athlete’s foot – You don’t need to be an athlete to have athlete’s foot. All it needs is a moist and confined environment to come about and start spreading. Pedicure baths in nail salons are ideal breeding ground for the fungus that causes athlete’s foot. How sure are you that the salon you go to regulaly cleans their foot tubs between each client? The spa should have an anti-fungal cleaning agent for cleaning their foot tubs.
  • Warts – With numerous hands and feet frequenting nails salons, odds are good that one or a few of them would have warts. The virus responsible for warts is called human papillomavrius or HPV. There are various strains of the virus such as the strain that causes cervical cancer and a few of them cause the overproduction of skin cells which results in warts.Warts spread when the HPV come in contact with the skin with a break. Warts are contagious and in salons warts can be spread if salon workers use the same pumice stone for various clients. It is best to choose a salon offering new pumice stones for each client. Or better yet, you can bring your own. It is also best to choose to go to salons with employees changing plastic gloves every after client.

Pampering at Home

You can do the pampering of your hands and feet at home. To keep nails strong and moisturised, soak them in the Moroccan Argan oil regularly. The oil is packed with Vitamin E and other nutrients with moisturising properties that also keep the skin and soles of your feet smooth and healthy.

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