How Can I Ready My Feet For Beach Season?

The temperatures are heating up, and you’re ready to pull your feet out of those sneakers. Don’t go barefooted to the beach without paying careful attention to your feet. Use these simple hacks to spruce up your pedicure with natural style.

1. Soak And Clean Your Feet

Start your dream pedicure with a good soaking. Wet skin and nails have some flexibility to their shape so that you can file and remove dirt without any cracking or irritation. Try this soak during your next pedicure, including:

• Mixing vinegar, warm water and argan oil in a large bowl

• Soaking your feet in this mixture for about 10 minutes

Your feet will emerge with less dead skin along with a moisturizing effect from the argan oil. Use a clean towel to carefully wipe away the excess moisture afterward.

2. Remove That Unwanted Nail Color

You may have your old nail polish removed from your toes, but there’s still an unwanted color on the nail bed. Every polish has some chemicals within the mixture, which eventually stains your nails.

Remove those stains with these ingredients, such as:

• Lemon juice

• Baking soda

• Argan oil

Combine these natural substances together so that a paste forms. Cover your nails with the mixture, and allow it to rest for about 10 to 20 minutes. The oil moisturizes the nails and skin while the lemon juice lightens the stains. Baking soda offers a gentle exfoliating sensation as a positive, side effect.

3. Apply Like A Professional

When your toes are clean and ready for color, act like a professional. Be aware of the proper way to apply nail polish, such as:

• Beginning with a dot of color at the base of your nail

• Spread the dot down and toward the cuticle

• Pull the color upward to the nail tip

• Add more color to the nails’ edges by using a curved motion to your application style

Your resulting pedicure looks professional with a shiny glow to its surface.

4. Clear Coat Each Day

The beach’s sand is a natural exfoliator, and it rubs against your skin and nails. Don’t worry about your pedicure because you can refresh it each day with just a clear coat. Apply a clear, nail polish every day so that the shine and glow remain on your color.

Your trips to the beach will continually exfoliate the skin while your nails remain untouched. Simply remember to add the clear coat and allow it to dry before you head out.

5. Cold Water To The Rescue

Your toenail color might be holding up nicely in this warm weather, but your feet feel tired and swollen. Keep your feet ready for the beach tomorrow by soaking them in cold water today. The cool temperature constricts the blood vessels in the feet, which leads to less inflammation.

Soak your feet in cold water with a few drops of argan oil as a natural additive. You’ll receive a moisturizing session while reducing the aches associated with a lot of flip-flop or sandal use.

Do you have a few secrets up your sleeve? Share your pedicure tricks with your loved ones by writing them down in the comment section. Be sure to mix argan oil into your natural-ingredient stockpile so that you’re always moisturized. Your beach feet will look gorgeous all the way until fall.