Beat Stress and Backaches with Yoga Poses

Those who spend hours a day in their desk working are no stranger to that achy, stiff and tensed sensations on their back. With an aching back, it’s hard to focus on the tasks ahead. Taking pain relievers may take care of the problem but we don’t want to be too dependent.

Did you know that you can get rid of backaches and even beat stress away with yoga? You won’t need a mat or even change into yoga clothes to do these poses. You don’t even have to wait until you get home as you can do these poses right in your cubicle!

The Eagle Arms Pose
The Eagle Arms pose works your triceps, shoulders and back muscles. It’s also helpful in combating carpal tunnel syndrome. Our shoulders get tensed when we sit at a desk for long hours and this pose can relieve tension.

How to Do the Pose
To start sit straight and then at a 90-degree angle put your arms in front of you. The next step is to cross your arms with the right arm placed above your left. Interlock your arms and then start pressing your palms together. While pressing your palms, the tips of your fingers should be pointed up. Can’t press your palms together just yet? Press the back of your hands instead.

The Detox Twist Pose
Detox and work those love handles at the same time with the detox twist pose! This pose benefits the spine, obliques as well as your abdomen! You’ll need a chair with arms for this!

How to Do the Pose
To start off have your palms on the arm of the chair. The next move is to turn the chest as well as your abdomen to your right. While doing this you should be moving your left shoulder to the front and your right shoulder to the back. See to it that your knees and feet stay put and your chair as well. You’ll start feeling that detox sensation while holding the pose and expanding the chest full on. Repeat but turning to the opposite side.

Threading the Needle Pose
Sitting in front of your desk for hours all day long can be a nightmare for your hips and buttocks. You can relieve all that tension by threading the needle and by this we mean the yoga pose. This pose would also give your hip rotators and your outer thighs a good stretch. It’s also good for relieving lower back pain.

How to Do the Pose
Get seated in your chair and then cross your legs. The right leg should be the one over your left knee. Start flexing both your feet and then lift them off the ground. The next step is to clasp your hands around the left leg. Your hands should be just under the knee. Once done, repeat the same pose for the other side.

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