Beat the Blues Away with These Feel Good Foods!

Everybody experiences bad days and everyone gets into a sour mood. When things are not going our way, one of the things we turn to for comfort is food. However, most cravings would demand for junk foods such as salty chips and super sweet treats. But the truth is these junk foods won’t give you the good mood that your brain has been looking forward to. If you want to sweeten your sour mood, here are delicious and good for your health foods that would do the trick.

Foods to Sweeten Your Sour Mood

Forget about digging your fingers in big bags of salty chips when you’re in a bad mood. Munch on these foods instead and sure enough you’ll see the brighter side of things.

  • Dark Chocolates
    This would make many happy especially those who love chocolates. Dark chocolates can lighten up your mood as they can give your brain chemistry some good tweaking. They can raise levels of phenylethylamine and endorphins in your brain which give this euphoric feeling. Aside from raising your levels of “happy chemicals” in your brain, they are also packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients which have been shown to benefit the heart and fight cancer. Healthy means happy!
  • Fatty Fish
    Eat fatty fish like salmon, tuna and mackerel for lunch or dinner if you’re starting to have a bad day. These fatty fish are packed with omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 3 has anti-inflammatory properties which can change the chemistry of your brain for better function. They also can prevent mental diseases like depression. When you’ve had a rough day, you may think that getting salty and swimming in unhealthy oil meals from the nearest drive-thru will be a good idea to improve your mood but the truth is having a piece of broiled salmon, or grilled tuna is healthier and far more effective in beating your blues away!
  • Oh So Sweet Potatoes
    You may have been ignoring this root crop but sweet potatoes are great for sweetening up your sour mood. Sweet potatoes are high in carbs. Most people whose mood’s heading down south would usually crave for refined-flour sweets. Carb-rich foods like sweet potatoes are a better choice since they trigger the release of serotonin. This is a brain chemical which regulates mood, sleep and appetite. So don’t go heading straight to the aisle where junk foods are when you’re feeling down. Instead, bake your very own sweet potato fries. Enjoy them slowly and you’ll feel better.
  • Yummy Yogurt
    Yogurt is considered a superfood because it is packed with healthy nutrients such as calcium, protein and probiotics. Not only can yogurt make your body healthier, it can also lighten your mood. Women who are suffering from PMS mood swings can find relief from eating this delicious and healthy snack!
  • Go Bananas
    Bananas are filled with tryptophan which is a building block for serotonin or the happy hormone. Its B vitamins help fight stress and its potassium can boost your mental alertness. If your mood needs some picking up, have some bananas!

These are some of the real feel good foods!

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