Beat the Cold and Bitter Months with these Winter Skin Care Tips

The winter season brings in biting winds and below freezing temperatures which can be very harsh to your skin especially the sensitive skin on the face. Add to this the indoor heating at your workplace and your home then your skin can become badly damaged especially the most sensitive skin which is your facial skin. Dry and chapped skin plus breakouts are very common during the winter season.

So what should you do to protect your skin? Moving to a tropical country just to avoid the harsh effects of the winter season is a very expensive idea and actually not really a smart solution. Here are some tips on how you can care for your skin better during the months of bitter cold and biting winds.

Winter Season Skin Solutions

  • Keep the skin moisturised. This is the most crucial step in keeping the skin healthy and beautiful when the winter winds start howling and the temperature starts to drop. Use a powerful moisturiser like the Argan oil. The Argan oil is fully loaded with moisturising and skin nourishing components. This oil also protects the skin from harmful damages of UV rays and free radicals. The antioxidants found in this oil help prevent skin aging.
  • Keep the water temperature lukewarm when taking a shower or bath. Yes indeed, the temperature can be really cold and even below freezing during the winter months but this is no reason to be harsh to your skin and bathe or shower with hot water. The high heat of the water will only rob the skin of its essential oils which is the skin’s natural moisturiser. Definitely you will end up with dry skin if you wash it with hot water.
  • Wash the face with tepid water. It may even be a good idea to wash the face with cold water. The cold water splashing on your face will wake up your facial skin.
  • Don’t skip on the sunscreen lotion. Were you surprised with this advice? Many people still think that sunscreen lotion is only a summer or beach essential. This is definitely a myth. The sun’s Ultra Violet rays which are responsible for wrinkles and fine lines can still penetrate the thick clouds and do just the same harsh damage on the skin as it does during a sunny day.Lather on sunscreen lotion with an SPF 15 or even 30 to your skin. You are not just protecting your skin from getting wrinkles, fine lines or sunspots by using sunscreen lotion. You are also avoiding getting skin cancer that the harmful UV rays from the sun cause.
  • Wear proper protective clothing. Don’t go outside unprotected and exposed to the cold and biting winds. Wear gloves, layers of clothes, winter coat, warm socks, winter boots, pants, a scarf and your winter hat when going outdoors.
  • Protect your lips too. The bitter cold will result to chapped lips. Use a lip balm or lipstick with sunscreen protection. In fact if you are using make up make sure that your make up has sun protection too.

These are simple tips to keep the skin healthy during the bitter cold months of winter.

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