Beating Baldness the Easy Way

Some people find bald men sexy, while others think otherwise. If you’re in that stage where you start losing your hair, you’d want people to find bald sexy. Right? Unfortunately, not all minds think the same. So if you would like to avoid bald spots and excessive hair loss, read on and discover how to beat baldness the easy way.


Balding and excessive hair loss used to be common for people in old age. But today, it is not only the elderly who experience balding. Young adults are now seen to be losing more hair than they should. Changing times affect hair growth together with stress, strain, environmental conditions, food habits, and different physical activities.


  • Age – the older you get, it is natural for you to lose the ability to grow hair.
  • Genetics – family history and heredity could be the reason.
  • Trauma and Stress – these are very common reasons for balding in young adults.
  • Hormonal Changes – common in puberty, women with menstruation, pregnant women, and women undergoing menopause, hormonal changes affect hair growth and hair loss.
  • Health Issues – current illnesses and previous health issues could be the reason for excessive hair loss.
  • Burns – burns could also be the reason why hair growth is not enough, causing baldness.


Think of it this way, the earlier you start to lose hair, the more severe your hair loss will become in time. That is the reason why treating your baldness as early as possible is important. Don’t wait until it is too late because age does matter.


It is important to note that your doctor will be able to give your various treatments for excessive hair loss. There are different treatments for baldness and the person to tell you which one best suits you is your physician. He or she will determine this by looking into your age, your health, your medical history medical history, your tolerance and preference in medications. Make sure to visit your doctor and have your hair loss problems checked as soon as you can. Remember, the earlier you have your problem checked, the better the chances of preventing baldness.


Known as the “liquid gold” from Morocco, argan oil can help solve hair loss problems. When you start losing hair above the normal amount and you notice that growth of hair can’t catch up, this liquid gold can be of assistance. Just like gold, argan oil is precious. Precious for health, hair growth, and scalp care – argan oil keeps the scalp healthy, the hair strong, and the body in top shape. Rich in vitamin E, oleic acids, fatty acids, and antioxidants, argan oil encourages hair growth. Not only this, it encourages hair to grow faster than normal. Because it is rich in nutrients that both the scalp and hair need, argan oil is able to do a great job in preventing and solving balding problems.

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