Beating the Sweet Tooth Addiction

Are you a sweets addict? Are your kids always looking and asking for sugar desserts? They say that sweets are addictive. Who can blame kids and adults? If you think about it, having a sweet tooth has been cultivated in many since childhood. And you are probably doing the same to your own kids. When a good deed is done, a reward in a form of a chocolate bar, candies, cookies, cake, or ice cream will be given as a reward. Meals would often end with a sweet dessert. Trips to the grocery store would always have a few minutes spent in the sweets aisle.


Here are easy ways on how you can beat the addiction, bring down your sugar levels, and save your teeth!

  • Bitter will relieve your sweet cravings. As Chinese medicine would teach, when your body craves sugar it only means that there is an imbalance in your body. The Chinese strategy in solving this imbalance is through eating bitter foods. You can therefore regulate your desire for sweets by putting in bitter foods in your diet such as endive, arugula, and radicchio.
  • Stock up on fruits. Fruits will help you get that craving lessened. But make sure to pick the right fruits that will be good for you. Fruits like apples and pears will help resolve your sweet cravings while keeping blood sugar levels at a normal rate. They are also rich in fiber which is good for you.
  • Give it a good 10 minutes. When you suddenly get a craving, take a stroll for at least 10 minutes. When you return, chances are you’ll be able to resist the temptation or your craving has passed.
  • Resolve the stress. Being stressed in your personal life, school, or work triggers your craving. Learn how to effectively calm yourself down. Have stress-relieving activities. Call a friend, do yoga, have a walk – find out ways on how to relieve yourself from daily stressors and resolve your sweet tooth addiction.
  • Eat healthy often. When your blood sugar is down, your body would ask for more. Eat healthy often. Let’s put a stress on the word healthy. Small healthy snacks like small portions of fresh greens with argan oil dressing, whole grains, fruits, and a few nuts will help to keep your blood sugar at the right levels without putting your diet at risk.
  • Exercise regularly. When your body needs more energy it craves for sugar. In order for your body to have ample energy, you need to befriend exercise. Make it a habit to put in a few minutes of each day for exercise. It doesn’t have to be long hours, a few minutes would suffice.

Craving for sugar and sweets can easily be resolved with these simple tips. Keep your body healthy and your teeth strong by keeping these tips in mind. Don’t wait until it’s too late, control your sweet tooth now.

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