Beauty Mistakes That Can Add to Your Age

There is no doubt that people are concerned about getting rid of their wrinkles. In case you’re not convinced, here are the statistics:

In 2010, $10.7B was spent on cosmetic procedures. This covers the 2.4 million individuals who had botox and 1.3 million who had injections. An additional $115.5B has been spent on anti-aging products.

If you would be spending on anti-aging products, you should see to it that you get your money’s worth. The Moroccan Argan oil has been getting lots of attention because of its beauty benefits one being its anti-aging prowess. The oil which hailed all the way from Morocco does not just simply target the signs of aging. It has the ability to promote cell regeneration which just means more youthful skin.

While indeed, people, especially women are willing to splurge for the sake of beauty, there are ways to look younger without breaking a bank. One is by correcting some common beauty mistakes that make us look older. Yes ladies, unfortunately, there are make-up tricks we used to do back then that may no longer be applicable especially for those of us who have matured in age already.

Putting Mascara on Your Lower Lashes

This is definitely a bad idea. Runway models may get away with this but women age 40 and up may have to rethink this beauty trick. With fine lines and dark circles under our eyes, an “OMG, It’s so thick lower lashes may just highlight these indicators of old age even more. Focus on your upper lashes instead. Make people want to look at your eyes and not at the wrinkles below them.

Haircut Straight from Your High School Yearbook

Yearbooks were made so you can look back and see how much you’ve changed over the years, not so you can hold on to your exact image from high school. Wearing clothes and hairstyle that remind people of your younger days will just highlight your age more not hide it.

Dark Lips

As you age, your lips lose its plumpness. It starts to have lines too. Dark lipsticks tend to highlight these lines more. In addition, these lines make lipsticks bleed more. Red lipstick outside mouth equals just like dear old grandma. Don’t get me wrong, I love my grandma!

Your Teeth

Notice the teeth of our elders, usually their yellow and dingy right? If you’re not that old yet, make sure your teeth aren’t like that yet. There are a lot of easy whitening treatments out there for a more youthful smile.

Foundation Much?

You can’t hide your wrinkles even with a pound of foundation on your face. Too much coverage can make you look older actually as this tends to hang in your lines, highlighting your wrinkles more. Less is more. Use a primer as this usually serves as fillers to your lines, preventing your foundation from settling there.

Too Thin Brows

Old people usually experience thinning brows so if you want to look younger, you have to make sure that you don’t overly tweeze. Also, knowing how to fake a full brow can also come in handy.

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