In-Flight Beauty Tips for Mature Women

A Simple Guide to Beauty while Traveling by Airplane

Flying to your destination today is commonplace. Most people have taken some form of airplane ride at some point in life. It’s simply the easiest way to travel far distances. 

Have you ever given a thought to the stress on your body during a flight? Does your skin feel different after flying for several hours? In this article, you’ll learn more about how flights impact your skin and the entire body.

Discover these fine points about beauty when it comes to flight, such as:

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Flying and Its Impact on Your Skin

Flying to a fascinating destination is a dream for most mature women. The fun also includes the journey, right? Riding in an airplane might be an engineering wonder, but it creates numerous issues with your skin.

There are more than a half-dozen reasons why the skin reacts negatively during a flight. Are you ready to be enlightened? It all makes sense when you understand the science behind the reactions.

  • Extremely Dry Air

Did you know that your skin loves a humid environment? Around a 50- to 60-percent humidity level is preferable. Airplanes aren’t like a tropical environment, however.

Because most flights across the world have an interior, humidity level of about 20 percent, your skin will lose moisture. It’s simple science. Consider these reactions, such as:

  • Moist skin meets a dry, interior cabin
  • Evaporation occurs at the skin level
  • The skin ends up dry during the flight

The skin needs more humidity to remain balanced. Airline cabins simply make this balance nearly impossible. You can’t stop the evaporative process.

  • An Oily Sensation

As dry skin sets in, the body recognizes this imbalance. Its only reaction is to create more moisture in the form of sweat.

The cabin may be cool, but the body is only seeking to nourish the skin. You might notice sweat occurring around the T-zone, such as along the nose and forehead.

  • Lack of Blood Flow

Airplanes cruise several miles above the Earth. The exterior air is extremely thin. To keep passengers safe and comfortable, the cabin remains pressurized throughout the trip.

The air pressure within the cabin, however, is more akin to what you’d feel at the top of a mountain. You feel like you’re at a high altitude.

The body responds by moving your main, blood flow to the major organs. Your skin is left out of this natural response. Less blood at the skin level equates to fewer nutrients helping your body combat the dry conditions.

  • Bloat

Humans are designed to move around for most of the day. Remaining sedentary isn’t part of a healthy lifestyle.

Modern travel forces passengers to sit for long periods, however. You’ll notice water retention in various locations, such as:

  • Feet
  • Legs
  • Hands
  • Face

Facial puffiness is probably the most noticeable. Any bloat causes skin issues until your body reaches a balanced state.

  • Sunburn

Your skin may not feel normal because of a common situation: you’re sitting by a window. Gazing out into the clouds is an amazing experience, but the sun is right above you.

Sunburn is possible in an airplane environment. You’re above the cloud bank, which means your skin remains exposed to ultraviolet light. Sunlight exposure is an issue that’s not always discussed when it comes to skin ailments during flights.

  • Anxiety

Flying isn’t a natural phenomenon for people. You’re moving at fast speeds without seeing the ground at times.

Some passengers have anxiety during a flight. As a result, stress hormones enter the bloodstream. It’s a natural response that can result in negative features across your skin. These symptoms often arise, including:

  • Inflamed skin
  • Aggravated, chronic conditions

Drinking alcohol or taking a sedative to combat anxiety won’t curb the skin issues occurring across your body either. Calming down without any chemical complications is the only answer.

You’re well-aware of why the skin reacts the way it does during a flight. Do you want to know which beauty issues are the most common?

Continue on with your beauty research as you dive deeper into skin science. Imbalanced skin can have several issues that must be tackled with clever, beauty tips for mature women.


Top Beauty Concerns During Flights

It’s hard to feel like yourself on a long flight. Have you ever felt uncomfortable with your skin as the plane continues on its course?

Your bodily sensations aren’t a hallucination. They’re completely, legitimate concerns. How can you deal with these issues? You have to fly to certain destinations in life.

Discover the common, beauty issues that impact mature women every day on flights. There are real answers that can make each flight a more comfortable experience.

  • Irritated Eyes

Your eyes are often the first areas to bother you during a flight. Being thrown off of your daily routine is cause for sleep deprivation.

The dry air within the airplane dramatically impacts your eyes. You might blink more often, which causes friction. Tired eyes contribute to even more irritation.

You might notice these symptoms of irritated eyes, including:

  • Redness
  • Watery conditions
  • Itchy sensation

Try a few tricks of the trade to avoid irritated eyes. If you wear contact lenses, take them out for the trip. Opt for your spare glasses.

Contact lenses are just another material that can irritate the eye. Put them back in when you arrive at your destination.

Take along natural tears in a small container. Hydrate your eyes before and during the flight. The lubrication considerably improves your comfort.

  • Cracked and Dry Lips

Don’t become frustrated with dry lips. They will simply be part of your flight experience. Take care of your lips with either lip balm or natural oils.

The cabin’s dry air is the cause for your dry lips. Fight off cracked and flaky lips by applying a balm or oil throughout the trip.

When you notice that your lips feel a bit parched, you’ll know that it’s time to reapply. Ideally, choose argan oil as your natural oil. This plant-based oil can nourish your lips throughout the flight with few reapplications necessary.

  • Oily Hair

The dry conditions throw your body’s natural processes off of their regular routines. Your hair might feel imbalanced with symptoms that may include:

  • Oily roots
  • Lifeless body

Solve this oily problem with dry shampoo in powder form. Head over to the lavatory. Sprinkle it in your hair. The powder absorbs the oil so that you feel refreshed once again.

  • Dry Skin

Dry skin is the single-most common issue that mature women deal with on every flight. Evaporation takes over as you locate your seat. The skin ends up with a flaky appearance regardless of your efforts before the flight.

Consider a few tricks of the trade to fight dry skin, such as:

  • Drinking water
  • Applying a hydrating mist

If you want to apply some lotion, add some argan oil into the mixture. A tiny, FAA-approved bottle with this lotion can be a solution for dry skin. Use it on your arms, legs and face.

  • Oily Face

Dry skin can turn oily in only a few hours. If you tend to deal with oil breaking out on your face, bring along face wipes. These wipes might have ingredients that break down oils while leaving your face balanced with moisturizing elements.

If your airline offers a warm-towel service, this comforting offer can be helpful. Pat the skin with the warm and damp towel. It may not remove all of the oils, but it will bring comfort to your skin.

You know what to expect as you head up into the clouds. Prevention is your best choice when it comes to keeping your skin healthy and comfortable.

Explore the beauty essentials that you can’t do without on the next flight. There are specific items that truly make a difference. Emerge from the flight with a glowing complexion as you ready yourself for an adventure of a lifetime.


Stocking up on Beauty Products for Long Flights

Flying coast to coast in the United States involves several hours of airplane living. If you venture to international destinations, your flight can be 10 hours or longer.

Being in the airplane’s dehydrating air for that long is only going to negatively impact your hair, skin and nails. Take along today’s best beauty essentials so that you can look and feel your best. Explore these selections as you fill up a carry-on bag.

  • Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo in its powdered form will start out your flight in style. Oily roots will inevitably appear sometime during the flight. Your scalp is simply reacting to the dry air.

Carefully sprinkle the dry shampoo onto your hair. Allow it to soak into the roots. Arrive at your destination with relatively clean and lively hair.

  • Makeup Removal Wipes

If you wore a lot of makeup to board your flight, get ready to remove it. No makeup will survive the dry, cabin conditions. It’ll simply break down and crack on your features.

Take along makeup-removal wipes. These wipes are nourished with moisturizers as the makeup dissolves away. Reapply the makeup when you’re close to landing.

  • Sheet Masks

As a mature woman, you shouldn’t worry about what others are thinking around you. Take the extra time during the flight to wear a sheet mask.

These facial masks come in a sheet shape that conforms to your face. Wear and discard it during the flight. The moisturizing ingredients work wonders on your skin.

  • Eye Drops

Red and itchy eyes may be part of every flight. Some mature women have sensitive eyes. Bring along eye drops for a quick, moisturizing session.

Select drops marked as natural tears. They’re essentially lubricating drops as opposed to medicated types. The extra moisture reduces strain on the eyes during the flight.

  • Argan Oil

Standard lotions will rapidly absorb and subsequently evaporate from the skin. To protect your skin from head to toe, bring argan oil onto the flight.

Dab this oil onto any skin area that’s exposed. You might even rub it on your feet, wear socks and hydrate them for the entire flight. Argan oil is an effective moisturizer because it fights the impact of dry cabins for hours.

  • Hydrating Mist

Give your skin a functional yet decadent treat by applying hydrating mist throughout the flight. These mists come in small bottles that can last an entire, round-trip adventure.

Choose mists with included oils, such as roses or rosemary. The tingling sensation tells you that it’s working.

  • Hand Cream

You’ll probably be reading a book, listening to music or watching a TV show during the flight. Take advantage of this time by wearing a thick, hand cream.

Lather it on, and take a short nap. Allow the ingredients to sink into your skin without any problems. Wear gloves to protect the cream from the dry conditions if you desire.

  • Lip Balm

Bring along lip balm to stay hydrated. A better idea would include a balm that’s infused with argan oil.

Constantly apply the balm so that your lips don’t feel uncomfortable. The lips are one of the first areas to dry up during a flight.

Knowing what you need to bring is part of the overall, traveling plan. Most products fit nicely into a small bag when you properly organize them.

However, do you know how to treat those products right? Some items might leak or become discolored at some point.

Learn how to pack the proper, beauty products on your next flight so that you always have fresh items for your trip. Your hair, skin and nails will thank you kindly.


Treating Your Beauty Products Right

There are numerous rules when it comes to traveling by plane. Baggage weight and luggage shape are two main concerns. Do you know how to travel with your beauty items, however?

The last thing you want to experience is being denied entry on a plane because you packed improperly. Take a cue from the experts by following a few guidelines on your next flight. Packing and organizing your beauty products is part of a successful trip.

Comparing Beauty Product and Cosmetic Definitions

You’ve heard the terms beauty products and cosmetics used interchangeably over the years. Are they truly the same thing?

In fact, they aren’t exactly the same things. There are key differences between the two terms.

  • Beauty Products

Beauty products are a collective term for several different items, including cosmetics themselves. A partial list of beauty products might include:

  • Shampoos
  • Curling irons
  • Combs
  • Perfumes
  • Lotions
  • Cosmetics

Cosmetics are more of a niche area that includes items that are physically powdered, rubbed or sprayed onto the body. Makeup, deodorant, nail polish and other items fall under this category.

Both beauty products and cosmetics are closely related. Some products even fit into both categories. Understanding the difference between the two terms is still important, especially when you’re qualifying items for a plane ride.

Allowable Items on Flights Today

In general, you can bring aboard most cosmetics and beauty products. Issues arise, however, when the items are in specific forms. These products include:

  • Aerosols
  • Liquids
  • Gels

Powder-based items are normally approved without question on most flights. Keep in mind that many rules change as the airlines conform to federal guidelines. Alterations might be made at some point.

Check with your local airline about a specific product. The latest rules can be explained at that point.

Concerning Liquids, Gels and Aerosols

Do you remember when you couldn’t take any liquids on board an airplane? Safety regulations continue to evolve today. Take a look at gels, aerosols and liquids right now.

  • Carry-On Items

If you want your items to be handy during a flight, bring beauty products that are confined to a 3.4 fluid-ounce container. This container is the largest type that’s allowed for carry-on luggage.

  • Checked Luggage

You have more flexibility when it comes to checked bags. If your beauty products are in containers that are larger than 3.4 fluid ounces, they must be checked. The items are out of reach in the airplane’s cargo area.

Keep in mind that these products will only be accessible when you arrive at your destination. Safety regulations prohibit them from being in the cabin area.

Restricted Items

Bringing along your manicure kit might be a must for any trip, but be careful about any tools that you add to the container. Certain products are restricted from being taken into the cabin.

Be sure to check these items in your stowed luggage, such as:

  • Large scissors
  • Open-faced blades

Standard, disposable blades in your razors are perfectly safe for carry-on luggage, but old-fashioned blades cannot be brought into the cabin.

Most beauty products don’t include large and dangerous blades, however. Bring your manicure scissors for any cutting purposes. The blades are less than four-inches long, which is allowed in the cabin on any flight.

You’ve almost arrived at your destination. It’s time to perfect your look as you step off of the plane.

Explore some of the tricks and tips offered by today’s flight attendants. These professionals know how to balance the jet-set lifestyle while preserving their good looks. Both men and women can benefit from these suggestions.


Clever Tips to Refresh Your Skin Before Landing

You’re about an hour away from your destination. Take a look at yourself in a mirror. It’s been a long flight. Mature women need to prepare now for a refreshed look when they exit the airplane.

Explore the top, seven beauty tips for long-haul flights. Follow these tips on every flight to see a difference in your hair, skin and nails.

  • Drink Water

Buy a bottle of water inside of the airport. This purchase gives you a chance to drink and refill the bottle as many times as you like.

Buying the water before you go through security creates an issue with allowable liquids. The container will be larger than the 3.4 ounces allowed today.

As an alternative, bring an empty reusable bottle. These items pass through security with ease. Fill it up at a water fountain so that sips can be made during the flight.

  • Forgo the Makeup

Skip the makeup application on the morning of your flight. If you must wear makeup to the airport, bring wipes to remove it after the airplane takes off.

Makeup adds weight to your features. Give the skin a chance to breathe, especially with the pressurized air in the cabin. Irritated skin with a chance of breakouts might be a scenario if you leave the makeup on.

  • Rub on Natural Oil

Never leave the airplane without your argan oil. Carrying around just a small amount is easy to do because you don’t need that much in the first place.

Use the flight as a beauty-treatment period. Apply the oil to your hands and face. Consider an application on your feet if you brought socks. Dab a small amount on your lips for good measure. Argan oil is a moisturizer that absorbs deeply into the skin.

  • Focus on Eye Care

Add one or two drops of natural tears to your eyes before you exit the airplane. Your eyes need time to adjust to the outside air.

You may be able to avoid any red or puffy eyes with the eye drops combined with rest during the flight. Sleep will always be the best medicine for tired eyes.

  • Spray a Mist

Don’t forget to repeatedly spray a mist onto your skin during the flight. Although evaporation does occur, the moisture does help to a certain degree. Make sure to match the misting with an ample application of argan oil too.

  • Refresh the Makeup

Because you took care of your facial features during the flight, reapplying the makeup is a smart idea before you land. The color brightens up your features so that you look refreshed as you leave the plane.

Applying makeup before you debark is a good idea when you have business in the destination city. Mature women appear illuminated when their skin glows.

  • Avoid Dry Hands

Use hand cream throughout your flight. There may be times where you need to use hand sanitizer, such as after using the restroom or before you eat. Sanitizers dry out your hands so the hand cream is a must.

Drizzle argan oil into the hand cream if possible. You’ll benefit from the additional moisture.


Flying is an unnatural activity for humans. It makes sense that your tissues will react in negative ways.

Remind yourself that it’s worth the effort to follow these suggestions. From flight attendants to business people, these frequent flyers probably practice the same regimens. As a mature woman, you can stay ahead of the game as you enjoy supple skin and refreshed hair at any destination.

After learning these tips and tricks of the trade, caring for your beauty during a flight seems simple. You learned quite a bit about skin, hair and nail health today, including:

  • The impacts of dry air during long flights on your skin
  • Which products to bring and how to care for them
  • Secrets of flight attendants and their beauty

With a travel bottle of argan oil and constant hydration, your skin should hold up well during the flight. Mature women should always put themselves first. Your beauty is worth the effort, even during a vacation flight.

Share your experiences!

Have you tried any beauty tricks in the air? Did you land with a look that rivals a fresh facial? Share your experiences with other women by describing your situation in the comment section below.

Being beautiful takes a collective effort among mature women everywhere. One person’s tip could mean the difference between dry and supple skin.


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