Shaving Is A Great Way To Make You Look Fresh

Beauty Tips for Men: Shaving 101

For some guys, the word beauty may be the last word they want to be associated with them. Although some men do not like the word beauty and everything that has to do with it, it is still a fact that we all get a lot of benefits especially our skin from a small routine of beauty and maintenance from time to time. It is the women that have been the experts of beauty and body care. And the men should start learning these age-old beauty secrets. Although most of these beauty secrets are used by women, men will also find beauty secrets that are exclusive to them. Let us start with shaving secrets!

The Right Way to Shave

Many men get frustrated with shaving. Nicks and cuts are painful to deal with and of course, no man likes sporting a face with nicks and cuts from shaving. These nicks and cuts can also result in infections. Although shaving is not a daily required task, one would have to put time and focus on the task once it is at hand. A lot of men end up cutting their faces or getting some nicks and in the end the skin starts looking sore and dull. What men should realize is that they are to blame for these nicks and cuts. The main reason for these shaving problems is the fact that most men do not prepare the skin before shaving.

  1. Remember to wash the face first before shaving. Men should realize that their stubbles can be holding plenty of things such as crumbs, a little bit of dirt, a few strands of stray hair from the head, and many others. The skin may also not be distributing the oils on the skin evenly and such can cause shaving problems. Best to start with a clean face so wash first your face before allowing the blade to touch the skin.
  2. Do it in the shower. Yes! you should do it in the shower! And by it, we mean the shaving! Just giving your face a quick splash of water will not soften the stiff hairs and skin which can cause nicks and ingrown hairs. You would need to spend a little bit more time, water as well as warmth. If you do not have the time to take even a quick shower, grab a washcloth and dampen it with warm water then place it over your face. All you need to do is wait for the cloth to cool down.
  3. A sharp blade is always ideal. Using a sharp blade will avoid ingrown hairs, nicks, and cuts as well as sore and dull skin.
  4. To go against or to go with the grain? That is the question. Going against the grain would mean getting the closest cut possible. But try and experiment which works better for you.
  5. Never scrape! You should only let the razor glide. Don’t press the razor while shaving.
  6. Love the skin with Argan oil after shaving. Argan oil will soothe the skin and would reduce inflammation. The oil is also a potent moisturizer giving you that soft and smooth feel and look.

Instead of shaving you can also grow a beard. Argan oil is also an amazing beard oil.


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