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Beauty Tricks for the Sleep-Deprived

Skimping on sleep is quite common for many busy women these days. And lack of sleep usually means dull skin, dark circles, and puffy eyes. Of course we don’t want any of these things but this is the price you pay for not getting your beauty rest. Not to mention a serious consequence on your health status.

The good news is there are beauty tricks that can instantly make you look well rested even if you are far, far from it and look more awake.

Beauty Tricks for that Well-Rested Look

  • Use a mint-infused cleanser in the morning. Mint in skin care products can actually increase mental alertness making it a great morning pick-me-up. Mint also helps brighten dull, tired skin which is usually what a skin deprived of sleep looks like. Mint is an invigorating herb which is the reason why a number of skin care manufacturers infuse their products with it. It also stimulates blood circulation therefore delivering new nutrients to the skin cells.
  • Place something cold over your eye area. Doing this can instantly get rid of puffiness. So if you have got a bag of frozen peas or anything chilled in your freezer, apply it on your eye area and let it sit there for about 10 minutes. Another option is to put your eye cream in the fridge at night so that it gets cold in the morning and ready for use. Your cold eye cream will constrict blood vessels and the lymphatic system, therefore getting rid of eye puffiness.
  • Exfoliate. When you exfoliate the skin, you are allowing oxygenated blood to flow to your skin’s surface. The results is of course an instant glow. It is best to exfoliate using exfoliants with fruit acids or alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) as they effectively dissolve dull skin.
  • Curl your lashes. Lack of sleep can make you bleary-eyes and the best remedy for this is curling your lashes. When you curl your lashes they are lifted and they give an appearance of bigger and more open eyes. For the best impact a double curl is suggested, once before the application of mascara and then a second time after the mascara coating your eye lashes has dried completely. A plastic curler is ideal for a gentler crimp. Make sure that you be gentle in curling your lashes.
  • Choose deep-toned eye shadows. We know that darker clothing makes us appear slimmer and when it comes to eye shadows, deep-toned ones can actually deflate bloated eye lids visually. A perfect choice is a warm brown shadow. It would be best to stay away from anything with pink or red undertones as these shades can make your sleepy eyes more evident. Matte finishes are also more ideal than pale, frosty ones.

These are just a few beauty tricks that will help you look well rested even if you spent the night tossing and turning in your bed.

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