Been Dreaming of Smooth and Silky Hair? Here’s How to Achieve it!

Many women want their hair to be soft and silky not dry and brittle. However some women are cursed with frizzy, dry and brittle hair. If you are one of these women with this type of hair then don’t be too insecure and lose all hope that you would someday have a beautiful, soft and silky hair.

Many women actually believe that to have smooth and silky hair the only answer would be to buy the most expensive hair care product or step into an expensive salon to have the hair treated. This is actually not true. You can bring the silkiness and smoothness of your hair to life by just doing simple things. The good news is you don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket in doing so.

How to Get Smooth and Silky Hair

  1. Eat right. Some women suffer from dry and brittle hair because of their unhealthy eating habits. The hair needs nourishment and we get the vitamins and nutrients that our body needs from the food we eat. Be sure to eat a balanced meal everyday so that your hair gets the nourishment needed. Just remember to include the 3 food groups, go grow and glow foods in all of your meals so that your body gets its needed nourishment.
  2. Use a mild shampoo and do not shampoo your hair everyday. Your hair needs a break from shampooing. Washing and shampooing the hair do not only remove dirt but also the essential oils of your hair. Once your hair is stripped of its essential oils your hair dries out. Stick to once or twice a week using shampoo on your hair. If you have dry hair, make sure that you get a shampoo that is loaded with moisturiser.
  3. Use conditioner often. Applying conditioner to the hair is a process wherein you are bringing back essential oils and moisture to the hair. The Moroccan Argan oil is a very effective hair conditioner. It is loaded with Vitamin E which is very helpful in moisturising dry and frizzy hair. The Argan oil is also loaded with essential fatty acids, Squalene, Sterols and other antioxidants that are great for the hair, skin and nails.
  4. Avoid hot showers and baths. Hot water actually strips your hair of its essential oils leaving you with a dry and frizzy hair. It is best that you use lukewarm water for your shower and baths. You should also not extend your shower or bath time beyond 15 minutes. Not only is lengthy showers and baths bad for your hair, they are also bad for your skin.
  5. Protect your hair from the elements. Dry and cold wind can damage your hair. So would the heat from the sun. It is best that you always wear a hat when you would be exposed to the elements. You should also consider buying a hair care product which has sunscreen. This would lower the chance of your hair getting damaged when exposed to the sunlight especially for long periods of time.

These 5 hair care tips are definitely not expensive at all and the best part is these are actually very effective in achieving smooth and silky hair.

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