Your Feet Should Be Treated Well Because It Helps Us Move From Place To Place

Been Running Around? Pamper Your Feet at Home!

All that walking and running around everyday can be a torture to your feet including your nails. So give your feet and toenails a well deserved pampering every so often. No, we don’t mean go straight to a salon, you can actually do the pampering at home.

Pampering Your Feet at Home

These foot pampering ideas will surely give your feet and nails instant tender love and caring and since you can do the pampering at home, you’ll save some money at the same time.
  • Let your feet breathe! After walking around in high heels or rubber shoes for almost the entire day, give your feet a breather and remove your heels or shoes once you arrive at home. High heels may look very pretty on you but they actually not only push your feet in very narrow spaces but they also actually put a strain in your entire skeletal system. Rubber shoes may not be as straining but they can constrict your feet as well. So once you arrive home, take off your shoes. You may either go bare feet or slip on a pair of slippers.
  • Give your feet a soak. After letting your feet breathe for a few minutes, prepare a relaxing foot soak. Just use warm water and add a few drops of Argan oil or any essential oil you have at home. It’s great to use Argan oil because of its high content of nutrients with moisturising properties. This oil would work wonders on your skin and nails. Argan oil also has anti-inflammatory properties therefore soothing your tired feet.You may want to squeeze in a few drops of lemon juice and add sugar crystals or salt to help exfoliate hardened skin on the feet. Let your feet enjoy this relaxing soak for a few minutes then scrub away hardened skin. To finish off the soak, give your feet a gentle massage. A pressure-point massage will do. Make sure that you gently wipe your feet dry after.
  • Pedicure away! After the soak, if your nails need trimming then trim away. After the soak is an ideal time to trim as the nails are not too hard anymore. Use a sharp pair of clippers and file away to smoothen the nails. If you’re up with painting your nails then go ahead and indulge. Just be sure that your nail polish do not contain any toxic chemicals such as Toulene, Formaldehyde and Phthalates.
  • Keep them elevated. You can give your feet some good pampering even when you’re asleep. The trick is to keep your feet elevated. By stacking at least two pillows and propping your feet on them, you’re promoting good blood circulation to your feet. This is a feet pampering technique that is very soothing and relaxing especially if you’re feet feel dead tired.
These feet pampering ideas will surely help relax your feet and give your toenails a much deserved caring. Get these tips running around with your Like and Share !


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