Best Foods for Your Skin

It is a well known fact that a balanced diet rich in green leafy vegetables, fruits, and lean meats will help protect your insides from various health problems. A balanced diet does more than that though. It can also protect your outside. Nuts, seeds, oils, teas, chocolates, fish – the right kinds will help to protect your skin from wrinkles, acne, sunburns, skin problems, and a lot more skin woes. So read on and find out the best foods for your skin.


  • Argan Oil – argan oil has extremely high contents of vitamin E that helps defend against sun damage. It is a good protector against the UV rays of the sun and other environmental factors such as pollution that may be damaging to the skin. Aside from this, argan oil is also rich in other antioxidants that keep free radicals out of the body.
  • Almonds – these nuts are not only tasty, they are also healthy. Also rich in vitamin E, almonds has the same effects to skin like argan oil. People who eat a good amount of almonds per day will have a lesser chance of having damaged skin due to UV rays than those who do not consume almonds on a regular basis.
  • Cooked Tomatoes – tomatoes are extremely rich in lycopene which helps in eliminating skin-aging free radicals in the body. Cooked tomatoes like tomato paste, tomato sauce, and even ketchup have a more concentrated lycopene levels and makes it more beneficial for the skin and body. The more concentrated the tomatoes are, the higher the lycopene level, the better it can protect the skin from sun and free radicals.
  • Dark Chocolate – one important property of dark chocolate are flavonols. These are antioxidants that provide sun protection and helps reduce skin roughness. Eating healthy amounts of dark chocolates will help the skin have a better resistance against UV rays and help make skin’s texture better.


  • Flaxseeds – rich in omega 3 fatty acids, flaxseeds are able to reduce wrinkles dramatically. Eating a good amount of them will help to prevent, reduce, and make wrinkle lines disappear. Skin will become hydrated, less irritable, less prone to redness, and will just become better and young looking.
  • Argan oil – once again argan oil proves to be a good wrinkle fighter. Not only is it extremely rich in vitamin E, argan oil is also rich in essential fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6. That is why argan oil is also well known for its anti-aging effects. Not only does it do well on a person’s inside but it also works magically on a person’s outside.
  • Sweet potatoes – loaded with vitamin C, sweet potatoes are great anti skin-aging busters. They help reduce wrinkles by stimulating the production of collagen in the body which helps lessen unwanted lines.

Healthy and natural foods are still your skin’s best friends. The more you switch to eating a balanced diet, the better chances you have of staying young and healthy. So look into these natural foods and have young looking skin forever.

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