Best Hairstyles for a Round-Shaped Face

Do you have a round face? Many women do. We have listed down the best cuts and hairstyles for women with round faces. But just so you’re sure that you do have a round face, here is one way to find out what really is your face’s shape. And yes, we’ll ask you to measure your face with either a measuring tape or a ruler.
  • Measure your face across your cheekbones’ top and then across your jaw line between the widest points.
  • At your forehead’s widest points, measure across. The widest point in general is about halfway between your eyebrows and your hairline.
  • Measure starting from the widest point of your forehead (usually mid-forehead) to your chin’s bottom

So What’s Your Face Shape?

  • A round face will measure about as wide as it is long. Those with a round face have fullness at as well as below the cheekbones. Plus round-faced people tend to have wide hairlines, not so pronounced chins and seemingly short necks.
  • If you have an oval face the length of your face is equal to 1 ½ times width.
  • You have a long shaped face if your face is longer than it is wide.
  • A heart shaped face is narrow at the jawline and wide at both the forehead and the cheekbones.
  • A square-shaped face has an almost equal width at the forehead, jawline, and cheekbones.
  • If your cheeks are wide, and your forehead and jaw line are narrow then your face has a diamond shape.

Best Hairstyles for Round-Shaped Faces

Don’t think that there is only that one perfect hairstyle for a round-shaped face. The truth of the matter is when choosing among the best hairstyles for a round-shaped face there are things to consider such as hair length, texture, as well as hair weight, your lifestyle and your comfort level. Here are some of the best hairstyles for a round face.
  • Layered bangs is more ideal than straight and heavy bangs.
  • Hairstyles that add height are great as well as those that add length.
  • Another great option is hairstyles that keep the sides of the hair short or close to your face.
  • Curls around the crown are more ideal than curls near the cheeks
  • To give your face and your neck a more slender look, wear longer to very long hairstyles with bangs and layers or a graduated shag.
These are just some of the best hairstyles for a round-shaped face. If you have a round face try out any of these styles! Do you know of other styles and cuts perfect for a round-shaped face? Feel free to share them with us.