Beware of Toxic Chemicals in Baby Care Products

It’s not just cosmetic products that have toxic chemicals in them. Numerous baby products are also laden with these dangerous chemicals.

Many parents, although they act out of love, are not aware that most of the very things they are surrounding their babies with may probably be toxic. We have to remember that babies do not have a fully developed immune system yet and their central nervous system is still on its developmental stage. This just means that they do not have that capability yet to get rid of toxins. These facts make them more vulnerable to the negative effects of harmful chemicals.

So how can we avoid exposing our little ones to harmful chemicals? Here are some tips.

Breast milk is best for babies!

You should believe it when the doctor says that breast milk is the best milk for babies. Babies need antibodies to boost their immune system and breast milk provides these needed antibodies. It is also easier for babies to digest breast milk meaning they get more nutrients from it compared to cow’s milk and baby formulas. Milk cows are also fed antibiotics and hormones which can harm your baby.

Go for organic baby food!

Yes! It is also ideal that you feed your little ones organically grown food. Organic produce are free from harmful pesticides. The juices and bottled baby food from the groceries that you have been feeding your children with may just be filled with pesticide residues. It is best to go to an organic farmer’s market to buy your fruits and vegetables. All you need is a blender and a little time cooking your vegetables and you have a baby food that is healthy and without pesticide residues. Squeeze the juice out of organic fruits for that fresh and pesticide-free juice. Some grocery stores are also now selling organic produce. When it comes to your little ones’ protein source, free range animals which were not injected with antibiotics and hormones are your best pick.

Be extra careful in picking baby care products

Baby care products are supposed to, well, care for your babies. But many actually do the opposite. Don’t be too keen on getting your babies anti-bacterial everything. Don’t believe the hype that anti-bacterial soaps, cleansers and other baby products with anti-bacterial label on them are beneficial to your baby’s health. They are actually not necessary.

Why Say No to Antibacterials

  • Soaps with antibacterial labels usually contain triclosan and chloroxynol (PCMX). Triclosan is believed to be an immunotoxin as well as being toxic to the skin. Triclosan’s by-product is dioxin which is a chemical known to cause cancer.
  • There are good bacteria as well and these good bacteria benefit our health immensely. Antibacterial soaps and cleansers do not discriminate between the good and the bad. They kill both. This in turn leaves the body more vulnerable to illness. Parents should also realize that exposure to microbes will help the development of their babies’ immune systems.
  • Anti-bacterial products can also give rise to a new and stronger strain of bacteria that are resistant to the medicines that we have today.

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