Bored with Your Old Mani? Check Out Trendy Nail Art Here!

Tired of the same colour and style your nails have been wearing. Check out these big hit nail polish and nail art!

Manicure You Must Wear!

  • French Mani Matte and Shiny Although the French mani is always in style it can use a little makeover or perhaps a new take. The matte and shiny take on French mani is now a big hit to many. To wear this fresh take of the French mani just coat a layer of a pink matte polish having a darker shade over one having a glossy shade. The finish look may be subtle but definitely attention grabbing!
  • Glittering Tips If you want your nails to be instantly wrapped in glamour then this sparkly manicure would be your best bet! This nail style is so easy to do that you don’t even have to go to a nail salon for it. Just add glitter onto the tips of your nails that have a newly applied layer of polish. Yes, you’ve read that right, glitter-ise the tips while the polish is still wet. To finish off this mani apply another layer so that your shimmers are sealed in and won’t be ssnagging on anything your nails would come in contact with!
  • Half Moon Imperfection Not everything should be perfectly done and this half moon mani is best done with imperfection. To pull off this nail art, just paint a black polish on the white half moons on your nails using not so perfect strokes. This is defiinitely easier to pull off than making sure that you have a perfect half moon polish! And it sure is hip!
  • Metallics with Quite a Shine This manicure is sure to snag attention! The shiny glimmer of metallics would totally commandd attention. Use a purple metallic polish and get that sheen on your nails!
  • Let it Snow Caviar This snowy manicure is not going to leave your nails cold and icy. The all white and beaded style will make your nails look classy and with a lot of sophistication.
  • Bring Back the 80’s The 80’s is an era many of us love and wouldn’t it be nice to bring back the lovely vibe of the 80’s? Well, you can actually with this mani! Let your nails wear the 80’s vibe and resemble a Mark Rothko painting by adding a black stripe with gloss at the centre of your nails!
  • Got Milk? Milk – white nails may just be the perfect mani to sport! This style is so easy to do! Save your money in your pocket and do the milk-white mani in your own home! All you need to do is get a bottle of snow-colour nail polish and a bottle of matte polish. Apply two layers of the snow-colour polish then top it off with the matte polish! If you’re in the corporate world, this style will suit your office look!

Keep Them Healthy

All that polish may weaken your nails. So make sure to keep them healthy by regularly coating them in Argan oil. Loaded with Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, your nails would be nourished, moisturised and protected from damage!