Bothered by Winter Skin Problems?

When winter hits, many of us are faced with tons of skin problems. When winter time comes, that vibrant and healthy skin you had during the summer and fall season fades away. The bitter cold robs our skin of its moisture which is why during this season the skin is prone to dryness, itchiness, cracking and flaking. One would need a more intense skin care regimen than that of what you have for the summer season. Here are some of the most common and irritating winter skin problems.

Winter Skin Problems

  1. Pale Complexion – Most of us do not want to sport an almost vampire-like skin. Having a sallow complexion during the coldest season of the year is very common since the dead skin cells gather on the skin’s surface because of too much moisture loss. To combat this problem you would need to get a light exfoliation. You can get a skin refining formula that can sweep out the dead skin cells and dirt from your skin therefore toning and improving the texture of your skin. What you will have is a smoother and more radiant skin. Unless you love looking like a vampire, you should follow this tip.
  2. A Leathery Face – No one wants to feel their skin having a leather like texture especially on the face. If after washing your face in the morning, you feel like your skin is too stretched and squeaky clean then you need to switch to a cleanser that is not as drying as what you have. If you are washing your face with the same cleanser as what you use for the summer time then you are definitely making things worse for your skin. Most foam cleansers for the summertime contains detergent which robs the skin of its essential moisture. You must switch to a richer and creamier formula. What the skin needs during the winter season is moisture and hydration. Look for a cream that will be gentle to your skin and would hydrate it even more.
  3. Scaly Skin– Unless you have a reptilian blood, it is okay to sport a scaly skin. The skin is prone to become scaly during the winter season because of the cold weather. You should get an excellent moisturiser like the Argan oil. The Argan oil is a heavy moisturiser packed with essential nutrients such as Vitamin E, Squalene, essential unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants and many more that the skin needs. It is best to apply this oil after taking your quick shower.
  4. Chapped Lips – Chapped lips are no stranger to the winter season. The very cold temperature plus the biting dry winds are the culprits of chapped lips. Add to this, the fact that most of us would often lick our lips. What you need is a potent lip treatment and protection. Look for a lip conditioner packed with Vitamin E and also with a minimum SPF of 15. Your lips would be nourished and protected against stressors such as the sun, cold biting winds and dirt.