Bothered with Acne and Acne Scars? Read this Story

Acne Scars Can Be Very Annoying

When you have been dealing with acne for more than a month and you are getting no results from the anti acne products you use then it would seem like all hope is lost. You probably are starting to accept the reality that your acne breakout does not have any plans of going away and rather is planning to stay for good. When you have tried almost everything to remove your acne and all you get is nothing but frustrating results, you tend to slowly accept the reality of having acne for all the years to come. Here’s a story of one acne sufferer.

Why Seeing a Dermatologist Immediately for Acne Treatment is A Great Idea

This is exactly how I felt when at 24 years of age, my skin started breaking out. During my teenage years, I never experienced an acne breakout. I would have one or two very small pimples that would pop out every now and then, but usually they tend to go away within a week.

Even during my college days wherein I was always up until the wee hours of the morning, I never had such a bad case of acne breakout. Then came my 24th birthday. Everything was going along fine until summertime came. I started seeing small pimples coming out. I had them in my cheeks, my forehead and even on my neck. Since, I was used to my acne clearing up in a matter of days, I did not pay much attention and even did not use any anti-acne product.

When weeks passed and I started noticing my acne breakout getting worse, I became a little concerned. I started not wearing make up as one of my attempts to reduce my skin problem. Plus I did not want to keep seeing my acne-ridden face along with the acne scars. The deep acne scars, I take responsibility for, since I could not or rather did not stop myself from popping my zits.

After almost 6 months of not addressing the problem, I consulted a dermatologist and I was given a long list of creams, solutions and topical ointments which did me good but it did cost me a lot. After I finished my first set of anti-acne products recommended by the dermatologist, I saw the improvement on my face and it was a vast improvement indeed but I no longer had the money to purchase the products.

My skin did clear up and I only have a few acne scars left but being broke meant I no longer had the luxury to spend for my needed anti-acne products. Once again my face became peppered with acne. For years, I thought, my face would have acne and acne scars forever.

I am now 28 and just a month after my 28th birthday, I was given a bottle of Argan oil. I have read much about the wonders of this oil on the skin and I read that the oil has long been believed to help in controlling acne and acne scars. Although no scientific studies have been done to prove this, I was willing to give Argan oil a try.

From what I have read Argan oil is packed with nutrients such as Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, Polyphenols, Sterols and numerous antioxidants that benefit the skin tremendously. After a week of applying the oil once a day, I started seeing improvements. Now after a month of using the Argan oil, I only have a few less noticeable acne scars left.