Bothered with Stretch Marks?

Stretch Marks Can Be Caused By Lots Of Different Factors

Stretch marks are not exclusive to pregnant women. Even men can have them. So what causes stretch marks and how can you avoid having them? If you’re skin is already showing stretch marks, is there a way to get rid of them or at least minimise its appearance?

Understanding Stretch Marks Better

To understand stretch marks better let us first get a better understanding of our skin. Although we do not like seeing stretch marks on our skin, the truth is they are a normal part of life especially puberty and pregnancy.

During puberty, there are changes happening in the body that can give both boys and girls stretch marks. When one starts growing or gaining weight really fast, stretch marks may most likely appear. So how do they happen?

When your skin is pulled because of rapid growth (such as in puberty) or stretching (such as in pregnancy and weight gain), stretch marks appear on the skin. Even though the skin is elastic, overstretching causes a disruption in the body’s usual or normal production of collagen.

Wondering what collagen is? Collagen is actually a protein that is a crucial component of your skin’s connective tissue. When the body’s normal production of collagen is disrupted, scars form and these scars are what you see and call as stretch marks.

Stretch Marks Happen to Most Men and Women

Don’t beat yourself up too much if you see stretch marks on your skin. Many people actually have them. Many women and even men have stretch marks on their skin.

Usually stretch marks appear on the breast, thigh, hip and butt areas. Most women get their stretch marks during pregnancy but men should not think that they are immune from getting them. Obese people and those who are overweight would usually have stretch marks. But body builders would usually have them too. Since the body goes through rapid changes when one undergoes bodybuilding, stretch marks occur.

Some medications also cause stretch marks after a few weeks of use. For example, skin creams with hydrocortisone can give you stretch marks after a time. On its early stage, stretch marks will appear as lines having reddish or purplish colour. These lines may look like they are indented and would feel a bit different from its surrounding skin.

The good news is stretch marks would often become lighter and in time they do disappear. But for many of us, we want to hasten the fading of stretch marks. Many do not find any conslotaion in the fact that these lines would usually fade and become fainter in due time. Stretch marks become a real big issue once the summer season hits and we want to walk around in our bikinis.

Moroccan Argan Oil to Reduce the Appearance of Stretch Marks

Moroccan Argan oil is effective in minimising the visibility or intensity of stretch marks. It comes with high levels of Vitamin E which is known to do the job of minimising scars including stretch marks nicely. Argan oil is also packed with other nutrients healthy for the skin such as Prostaglandins, essential fatty acids, Sterols, Polyphenols and many more.