Brave Enough for a Short Do?

Are you brave enough to wear a pixie or a bob cut? This spring season why don’t you also include giving your hair a makeover? Don’t spend all yout time focused on cleaning your closet, your garden and your home. Give yourself a little reward for all that work you have done. Wear a new hairstyle! So are you brave enough to try on a shorter do? Well Marilyn Monroe looked good sporting a short do and so is the beautiful and talented Michelle Williams who recently portrayed the icon Marilyn Monroe in the movie “My Week with Marilyn”.

Short-Dos for Different Face Shapes

  • Michelle Williams’ Pixie – If you have an oval shape you would look gorgeous in that astonishingly bold pixie do that Michelle Williams sported. The pixie cut would give accent to your eyes, cheekbones and lips. This is the magic of the short fringe! Don’t hide your beautiful features from the world with your long hair! Let it all out this spring!
  • Ginnifer Goodwin’s Pixie – For a round-shaped face and someone brave enough to carry this cut will be an attention grabber. This pixie cut has more height at the crown to create an illusion that the face is more elongated. If you are confident enough to wear an almost barbershop boycut then you would look fierce and gorgeous just like Goodwin.
  • Cameron Diaz’ Choppy Cut – It would be hard to find anyone who does not love Cameron Diaz and it is impossible to see her looking anything but beautiful. There really is something about Cameron! If you have a roundish square face you can wear the choppy cut like Cameron Diaz’. The cut having heavy layers and long fringe in front makes it a very interesting bob with a touch of modern sophistication. There is a saying that the eyes are the windows to one’s soul and the side swept bangs with this cut brings the attention to your eyes.
  • Rose Byrne’s Bob – The very first time I laid my eyes on Rose Bryne in the movie “Wicker Park” I had to say I was mesmerised. And with her square-shaped face her lob (long bob) made her more divine. There is that drama in the bangs that pulls you to her eyes. With the heavy fringe, a square-shaped face is transformed with more symmetry. With the length of the hair above the shoulders, the jawline is accentuated!
  • Rachel Taylor’s Lob – She is one angel that can knock you down with kicks and punches. But most guys and girls are already knocked out with her beauty. Those who have triangular-shaped face, Rachel Taylor’s lob is one hot cut to wear. With side swept-bangs and a little thickness at the crown, the face becomes more round. The classic chin-length cut allows you to show off that sexy neck.

Spring Loving for Your Hair

After giving your hair a short-do makeover don’t forget to give your crown the loving it deserves. Moisturise your hair regularly with Moroccan Argan oil. The Argan oil protect the hair from damage and also helps repair and renew damaged hair. With its high concentration of Vitamin E and other antioxidants plus essential fatty acids, hair is well nourished and kept healthy!

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